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Portable Outpost (Quest Console) 1.9.1 for Starbound 1.4

Access Outpost quests, shops and services from your ship/base!

  1. Racial Quest Consoles and Sign Store

    - Added a Quest Console variant for each race. (They are all functionally identical, just with individual graphics matching the S.A.I.L console of the ship.)
    - Added Quest Console Chip item.
    - Esther now gives you a Quest Console chip instead of a Quest Console when you first meet her.
    - Infinity Express and Infinity Vending Machine now sell Quest Console chips instead of Quest Consoles.
    - The Quest Console is now crafted at the Inventor's Table using the Quest Console chip. (This will craft the racial version. Custom races will need to type /admin before crafting or they will not see it.)

    - Infinity Express and Infinity Vending Machine now sell the EASEL and EASEL Cabinet, welcoming the Sign Store to the Portable Vendor family (Finally :). The EASEL won't function without the EASEL Cabinet placed in the same world (probably the same chunk) so make sure to place them both down close together before use. It won't crash the game or anything, but it just won't work without both.)

    1.6.0 (I forgot to it upload here)
    - New Sprite and Animation for Quest Console.

    I'm still working on Lana's augment store and will be updating some graphics soon. Bear with me :)

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