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Outdated Ponex Enraged Koala 1.9

A Pony Race for MLP Fans

  1. Chandrak
    Welcome to the Ponex Race Mod!

    A mod made for MLP Fans.


    A common legend among the Ponex is that they were once human. Long ago, in a time of intolerance and hatred, a group of scientists who were disgusted by humanity's tendency towards hatred and racism decided that it was time to break away from humanity to form a new society, one built upon the premises of friendship and tolerance.

    These scientists built themselves a machine to genetically infuse themselves with the spirit of an animal known as a pony. Having thus altered themselves, they then built vast colony ships and headed out into the stars to create a new, brighter cilivization. One where, they hoped, all would welcome, and where friendship would thrive for its own sake.


    Welcome to the Ponex mod! This is a mod designed to add a new race to Starbound, designed with fans of MLP in mind. If you aren't the sort who like the show, then this mod is not for you. It is not desined at all to fit into the lore of the game, but to add a fun, silly element for people who want it. It may even, eventually, diverge from Starbound's SciFi roots and add in some magical elements depending on how creative it becomes possible to get with modding the game, so keep that in mind.

    This mod is a work in progress. Expect fairly frequent updates, as I get alot of suggestions and submitted materials for inclusion. If you'd like to help out, what I particularly need is sprites for armor, weapons, and furniture, as I am not a particularly good artist beyond being capable with modifying existing work. Also, it is possible that I will change something major within the mod without too much warning, so ALWAYS back up your characters before installing updates to the mod, because many things like hairstyles and coat colors are still subject to change, and altering them may break your character, or at least make it look wierd.


    Current Download Version: 1.8 (Furious Koala)

    New Installation Instructions
    SpaceKGreen's Pegasus Wings Vanity Items plsu crafting station.
    Accessible from the starter crafting menu.
    Squod's Alternate Body Sprites
    Added Razorleaf's set of angry-style eyes.
    LastAI's Stealth Costumes, plus an additional hair sprite.
    Currently, Costumes are placeholder vanity items unlockable
    at the Ponex Magicraft Station at tier 2. Next update they will have proper recipes,
    and provide tier 2 stat increases (as well as being usable as vanity).
    Extra Coat colors, bringing the total number of coats to 20. (Not likely to add more)
    Coat Colors more organized as well, now.
    Altered starting food items and recipes.
    Added Apple Trees as a crop, plus a recipe using all 3 starter foods that's as good as
    burgers or carrot bread.

    Zanek's respawn animation tweaked to add sparkle to gems and re-center the figure.
    Fixed a spriting issue relating to one of the female personalities.
    Fixed an issue with Durasteel recipes not initially showing up for some players.
    Updated and organized coats, colors, and hairs.
    Some got axed as too low-quality or conflicting with various combinations.
    The overall quality should have improved greatly,
    at the expense that certain characters may no longer be represented.


    Not a lot here just yet, because the mod's still a work in progress (and because I removed the outdated ones), but if you end up with a great screenshot you'd like to share, let me know and I'll add it here!

    The FriendShip:
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bayneman
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    The best race mod ever!
  2. valorcrow
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    Thank you so much for making this mod!! :D I hope you update it to Upbeat Giraffe, but even if you don't I'm still glad you made it to begin with. It's an awesome mod and you should be proud!! ^3^
  3. FireChaser96
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    Please try to make a update for this. i use this mod mainly and it was the first mod that ive downloaded for starbound.
  4. Meetyourdoom
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    When will there be an update for this mod for the newest update that came out?
    1. Chandrak
      Author's Response
      Sort of depends. The demand seems fairly high; I'm surprised people are still playing this since it hasnt been updated in almost a year now.

      I *might* (and strong emphasis on that) figure out whats needed to update, but that's largely contigent on two things - mainly, if there's been major changes to the content of race files, and on how much people care if I just sub in human or novakid quests / AI / gear.

      In short, I don't have the art skills, or the inclination without my friends also playing, to do a major overhaul. A simple version update and easy substitution so people can keep using it as-is *might* happen, though. Depending on the amount of work involved. (Or if someone else does it, I'll gladly update the files)
  5. Hobean
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    My daughter really got a kick out of this mod, she is 5yrs old and is in love with MLP.
  6. Moon Light PR
    Moon Light PR
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    I love it
    is the best mod
  7. aoyu1749
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    cool , love it
  8. goofina
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    love it
  9. Pix2100
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    it is awesome though i'm still not sure how to craft a harmony core or where i find crystals
  10. jacknurse
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.9
    I really like this mod, and I hope that more updates will follow.