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Player Portraits (Portraits, Statues, Dummies and Holograms of players, monsters and npcs) 2019 2019-07-27

Make beautiful Portraits, Statues, Dummies and Holograms of players, monsters and npcs!

  1. artguk
    I warn you in advance that this is not my modification.
    I helped magewish4 improve and expand the modification, but I'm not the main developer of this modification.
    I ask, if you are not too lazy, just leave thanks and the author of the original idea - magewish4 in the subject of the original, albeit obsolete modification.
    The fact is that magewish4 does not have some time on the forum and I can not add the update, unfortunately.
    Old modification:

    Well, now about the updated version.

    Buy a Mason's Quantum-nuclear portrait transducer at Frogg Furnishings.[​IMG]

    Then take photos of players, npcs, and monsters to make beautiful Portraits, Statues, Dummyes and Holograms!

    Note: Not for unmodded multiplayer.

    I recently updated the computer and I had to put my favorite modifications again.
    I downloaded our modification and found that after the last correction there were errors.
    I made the changes and checked for compatibility with all the modifications that I have installed.
    I think there will be no problems with other modifications.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Control keys:
    Left click: Sculpture,
    Left click + Shift: Hologram,
    Right click: Dummy,
    Right click + Shift: "Portrait" or "Cardboard cutouts"

    Now Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor spends resources.
    To create a portrait, hologram, dummy or statue, you will need 2 units of land and 2 units of rotten food (or 2 logs instead of rotten food) in the inventory.

    List of bug fixes:
    • The error of incorrect prompts has been fixed. In the last update, portraits, statues and dummies had the same tooltips
    • Fixed bug with incorrect sounds. In the last update, Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor reproduced one sound when creating statues, scarecrows and portraits.
    • Fixed the positions of statues and scarecrows in relation to their basis
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect images of the base of the statue and the dummy.
    List of changes and additions:
    • Added the creation of holograms
    • Now Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor spends resources.
      To create a portrait, hologram, dummy or statue, you will need 2 units of land and 2 units of rotten food (or 2 logs instead of rotten food) in the inventory.
    • Added 10 color filters for the Mason quantum-nuclear portrait transducer.
      All 10 colors work with statues and holograms.
      The Bizarre filter can also be used to create a dummy.
      Filters are consumables.
      Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor automatically uses all the filters available in Inventory.
      If there are no filters in Inventory, then it creates a standard object from those that you indicated to it: Statue, Hologram, Mannequin, Portrait.
    • If the camera does not have enough resources to take snapshots, a message about this is displayed in the effect status. It also indicates what resources are missing.
    • If you take pictures of dangerous creatures, then around you, for 5 seconds, an energy field is formed that does not allow you to cause damage to your character.
    • Now the process of photographing occurs only if the target is in the line of sight. Photographing while being behind obstacles is no longer possible.
    • Added a change of facial expressions during photography and lack of resources.
    • Added animation for Quantum Nuclear Portrait Sensor Mason.
    • Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor and its filters are installed in the "Deed" section of the "Frögg Furnishing" store at the outpost.
    • If you decide to create a portrait of a monster, then the portrait will not have frames (unlike portraits of humanoids.)
      This is done because the monsters (especially if you have different mods installed on the part) come in different sizes (sometimes more than Esther with their chair) because of what they can not fit into the frames.
      We did not want to reduce their size and reduce the image quality of the portrait. Therefore, instead of portraits of monsters, you will receive cardboard clippings. :avalipretty:

    • Statues, Holograms, Mannequins and Portraits have a different price.
      Statues, Holograms, Mannequins and Portraits of monsters are more expensive than humanoids.
    • Icons of monsters and humanoids now have a different look.
      Icons of Portraits, Statues, Holograms and Mannequins now have a different look.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. artwork.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Tadori
    Version: 2019-07-27
    Thank you for making it! Make the game more fun and rich.

    I currently have a question about portraits. Sometimes I take a portrait with a background. Sometimes I don’t. How can I make the portrait have a background?