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Playable Eevee Race 1.4

Space Foxes

  1. Eevee Mod Update 1.3: Crafting, Armor, Furniture, and NPCs

    Bug / Error Fixes:
    • Removed a bit of test dialogue after the end of the converse.dialog.patch file that I forgot to remove. Let's hope this fixes the problems you guys are having!
    • Transport Station crafting table
    • New, currently unobtainable armor set: the Eevenite Armor
    • Evolutionary Stones as crafting materials
    • NPCs and Tenants (WIP)
    • Tenant and NPC dialogue (WIP)
    • Eevee furniture (again, WIP)
    • Pokemon themed Teleporter
    • A placeholder in crafting recipes, Infinitium
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