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Playable Cats Version 4.0

Don't just have a pet cat--BE one!

  1. Mech Update Fix

    An update to fix what was broke when the mech update released. You should now be able to deploy without throwing an error.
  2. Ship Pet Fix for Starbound vers 1.2

    Just booted up the game to check to see what broke, and it was only the ship pet. (Thank goodness.) It is now fixed.
  3. Female ouch sound change

    Not much of an update. I was just getting tired of my female cat sounding male, so I changed the ouch sound. Still doesn't particularly sound female, but it's better than it was.

    Also, this mod reduces fall damage to about .75. Because cats know how to land properly. lol

    I also want to let people know that if they're willing to make custom clothing and furniture for cats, to please feel free to do so. I'll even add them to the mod if you want. I want to add custom clothing and furniture...
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  4. Finale Animation Fix

    Finally tested the finale animation in-game, and discovered that somehow, someway, the background got turned to opaque. It's now fixed.

    I've also removed the sail fix mod, as it didn't work. I don't really know what to do to make this mod compatible with AVIAN. I guess I'll just have to hope that the creator of that mod adds cats soon. :/
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  5. Added a temporary SAIL mod fix.

    Because everyone has been complaining about being unable to play the game with cats and a SAIL mod, I made an extra mod that changes the cattechstation to hylotl.

    This unfortunately causes the ship pet to change, but there's nothing I can do about that.

    This is not something I fully endorse--I honestly believe it's the responsibility of the SAIL modders to make sure their mods don't cause crashes. I still fully recommend you going to the SAIL-changers and asking them to add...
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  6. Hitbox and sktest fix

    I discovered that debug mode can show collision boxes, and finally fixed the cat's collision to be more cat-like. (This came after someone on steam said that the game was acting as if my cat was in the ground. I'm hoping this fixed matters.)

    Skittles discovered that there's still an instance of sktest left in this mod (it was actually a dummy item that isn't in use) and I've fixed that to prevent the game from crashing to desktop.

    The cat NPCs now act a little strange and I cannot...
  7. Volume Fix

    I got hit by a monster and startled. I think that's a good indication that I need to reduce the volume on the voices...
  8. More stuff! And sounds!


    • New cat sounds, both for getting hurt and for chatting with other cats.
    • New furniture! Okay, so it's only two pieces thus far, but it's a start.
    • A new, craftable, throwable item called glassball. It makes a very nice shattering sound. ;)
    • The catcrewmembermedic NPC was fixed. It doesn't use custom weapons, but eh.
    • More inspection quotes. I eventually plan on making all the major clues have custom descriptions...
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  9. Crew Fixes and Some Inspection Quotes

    I figured out the issue with the crew wearing protectorate clothes. It was stupidly simple. Cat crewmembers will now wear hider clothing even when the rest of your ship is wearing something else.

    I'm also in the process of slowly but surely adding custom inspection quotes. Thus far, I have only really made a few Floran items (mostly fur displays) and the Outpost Quest items have custom quotes.

    The feline medic is still glitchy, and I cannot fathom why.
  10. Minor fixes and NPCs!

    Fixes in this version:
    • Your starbound log should no longer be throwing nothingheadicon errors.
    • The purchasable pets add-on now has a rock-house icon instead of a normal pet house.
    • There was a rolliepollie color that was showing up invisible due to naming errors. This is now fixed.
    • Renamed the Tier6 armors so that they show up by the other Cat Collars instead of further down the list.

    Additions in this version:
    • Tech Console now has appropriate...