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Outdated Placables Overhaul 0.7 - Inactive

Adding more space to bigger chests and more

  1. Fixed deprecated command beeing used in Tier10Chair

    Update 0.7

    • Tier10Chair not using merge function to avoid problems.
  2. Fixed for Enraged Koala, fixed broken 28 slot container

    Update 0.6
    • Compatibility with Enraged Koala
    • 28 Slot container UI having 4 duplicate slots
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  3. Added outhouse, big tribal chest and some others, more coming...

    This came sooner than expected...

    Update 0.5

    • Added outhouse, tribal chest and a few more plant items.
  4. Added a bunch of new Apex containers, fixed some stuff.

    • Fixed the 8 slot container beeing a 9 slot copy.
    • Fixed impervum chair sit height, x position is still broken and can only be fixed by the devs.

    • Changed "rested" buff to last only 3 minutes.
    • Changed "well rested" buff to last 5 minutes.
    • Changed beds to only give you one buff, rested for tier 1-4, well rested for tier 5-10.

    • Added 3 slot container UI
    • Added 28 slot container UI
    • Added a...
  5. Added experimental "Rested" buffs to crafted beds.

    All crafted beds will now give you a "Rested" buff to 10 minutes which will very slowly regenerate your health, more life obviously means you health bar fill up even slower and the health regen buff becomes less usefull, for this situation i added a "Well Rested" buff on all beds of tier 5 or higher, you will get both buffs at the same time, the "Well Rested" buff however will only last for 3 minutes but will have a slightly increased health regen rate.

    This should make crafted beds even...
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  6. Added more common containers and overhauled them, also added 8 slots used it for only one so far.

    Update time, with a new 8 Slot cabinet and more floran and other stuff overhauled.