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Outdated Placables Overhaul 0.7 - Inactive

Adding more space to bigger chests and more

  1. Niran
    NOTE: I recommend using this mod together with my Interface
    Overhaul because Interface Overhaul fixes chest shine textures.

    IMPORTANT: For this Mod to work you have to re-place ALL your already placed storage containers.

    WARNING: If you use this mod with an existing fully fledged savegame, you might lose furniture as they were changed in their category and interaction type, which could cause them to drop to the ground when you start your game/server. You'll need to pick them up quickly. Keep a backup savegame!

    Currently compatible with: "Enraged Koala"

    You need more space to put your stuff in? How about these huge crates and chests? They don't offer any additional space? Will be in this mod! How about faster healing in better beds? Will be in this mod! How about more places to sit/sleep on? Will be in this mod!

    Please tell me what you think and if you got any suggestion, i'm always listening.

    Much thanks to

    What it changes:
    Installation Manual:

    • Download the Rar package
    • Remove any previous version
    • Unpack it with any supported unpacking application into:

    • Start the game as usual
    • Replace all your storage containers for them to be refreshed
    Server Installation Manual:

    • Download the Rar package
    • Remove any previous version
    • Unpack it with any supported unpacking application into your server's mods folder:


    • Start the server as usual (needs restart if you add mods)
    • Make sure your local game client and that of everyone else also has the absolute same mod version installed correctly into their game's mod folder (see above).
    Known Issues:

    • Small Floran cupboard having a misaligned UI.

    • More places to sit on.
    • More furniture to sleep in/on.
    • More furniture having container slots.
    • Special containers like weapon racks.
    • 2 Slot containers (plantracks as example)
    • 4-7 Slot containers (several wall mountings as example)
    Update 0.5

    • Added outhouse, tribal chest and a few more plant items.
    Update 0.4
    • Fixed the 8 slot container beeing a 9 slot copy.
    • Fixed impervum chair sit height, x position is still broken and can only be fixed by the devs.

    • Changed "rested" buff to last only 3 minutes.
    • Changed "well rested" buff to last 5 minutes.
    • Changed beds to only give you one buff, rested for tier 1-4, well rested for tier 5-10.

    • Added 3 slot container UI
    • Added 28 slot container UI
    • Added a bunch of apex furnitue as container -> bloodbank, counter, desk and more
    • Added avian spear rack as container.

    Update 0.3
    • Added "rested" buff for beds.
    • Added "well rested" buff for beds.

    Update 0.2
    • Changed several floran and other containers.

    • Added 8 slot UI.

    Update 0.1
    Created this mod.
    • Changed several often used crates/chests/containers to have more space.
    • Changed higher tier beds to heal faster/more.
    • Added 24/32/40/48/56 slot UI.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alex Great
    Alex Great
    Version: 0.7 - Inactive
    Very good and ballanced mod
  2. Mr Mishmish
    Mr Mishmish
    Version: 0.7 - Inactive
    Awesome mod! Keep updating it and add more stuff!
  3. bk3k
    Version: 0.7 - Inactive
    This mod is excellent. It isn't full of stupidly large quasi-cheat containers. But it gives you a proper amount of room in items where that makes sense.

    Now I can setup a warehouse full of Large Crates like you would expect. The large size means using less smaller containers and thus easier to keep organized!

    Adding storage to other furniture items (where it makes sense) is also welcomed. Great mod all around and what it changes SHOULD be in vanilla!
  4. UrASmurf
    Version: 0.6 - Enraded Koala
    Thanks for the update, just saw it. Loving the extra space.
  5. Kpatrol88
    Version: 0.5 - Furious Koala
    An excellent mod, the extra storage space is a godsend for us kleptomaniac spacebounders. The only flaw I could find in this is an odd, progressive lag that happens whenever I use your improved beds. It might have to do with the new status effect they give, which is unfortunate, because I dearly want to use them. That said, not enough to take a star off for in comparison to the rest of the mod.

    Keep up the good work and I hope to see more improved items in the future.
  6. search190
    Version: 0.5 - Furious Koala
  7. Zero127
    Version: 0.5 - Furious Koala
    This is seriously one of the best ideas i've seen yet. I like the balance. It seems like for every "block" of space a container takes up it gets ~ 4 spaces. Which makes sense. Gives a feel of sensibility to the storage now. I may have a tiny bug, will send in PM. :)
  8. NordKitten
    Version: 0.4 - Furious Koala
    I love the mod and its really needed, however the primitive chest and the primitive large chest are unaffected by the mod
    1. Niran
      Author's Response
      thanks for that info.
  9. cornillac
    Version: 0.4 - Furious Koala
    great job , it's a lack in vanilla , thank you .
  10. Damiano de' Caretti
    Damiano de' Caretti
    Version: 0.3 - Furious Koala
    Yes indeed,we need more space!
    1. Niran
      Author's Response
      I used up a large prison locker with 56 slots just for prison themed items...and its not enough... now i'm building an asteroidbase with thousands of crates.