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Outdated Pixel Goods Store v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)

Furniture, furnishings and equipment!

  1. Boogy
    Pixel Goods Store: Furniture, furnishings and equipment!
    2015-02-17: Updated to v1.22

    Currently saving the update for the mod does not work for me - nothing happens when I try to save the update. Until I get the forum to save the update, you can use the following link to download the mod: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsw8tytvy4i8q8i/pgs.zip?dl=0

    Please read update 1.22 installation guide or readme.txt.

    Version 1.22 - "Upbeat Giraffe" compatible.
    Alternative download links:
    Nexus, Mega

    Very informative video spotlight and intallation guide by Accionoctem

    New mod showcase by StarBrethren

    This mod simply adds a new station "Pixel Goods Store" (formerly known as OKEA Kiosk), where you can purchase all kinds of custom decorative and furniture objects for your home, base or starship.

    Pixel Goods Store:

    Mini Pixel Goods Store:

    Pixel Goods Store interface:

    As of version 1.22 mod includes 315 custom items, of which 187 work with Dye mod for 9 different color options.

    Furnished.png Flora.png

    V1.22 also includes catalog of 28 exotic xeno plants in pots from Frackin' Flora mod by Sayter and a Hops plant from Starbooze mod by Kingofcrows

    Some items in action:
    Blinds.gif Bunkbed.gif Bath.gif win2.gif


    V1.22 also includes first batches of Avian, Apex, Glitch, Floran, Human and Hylotl-themed items..





    human6.gif human7.gif

    Exclusive items:
    By progressing further in game you unlock new, unique items.
    As of v1.22 first four tiers of starmap upgrades unlock new items.

    Everything is unlocked from the start.

    If some of the boss themed item packs don't show up for you, then you need to craft and use again tier2-5 starmap upgrades.

    UFO Pack.gif

    ROBOT Pack.gif



    'Living Stone' item set:



    Colored with dye mod:



    'Hi-tech' item set:


    Colored with dye mod:



    Mod works in multiplayer ONLY IF server and all of the players have latest version of it installed.
    Otherwise you might lose some of the items or get your character save corrupted.

    Once you've purchased any custom block or platform objects, it is not recommended to uninstall this mod. Unless you get rid of all of them (including already placed ones) your character save might become unplayable.


    This mod is delivered in single file format and it doesn't require it's own folder, just drop pgs.modpak in your Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods folder.

    If you're installing unpacked version, then extract archive to /Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods, path to pgs.modinfo should be - /starbound/giraffe_storage/mods/pgs/pgs.modinfo

    Mod works in multiplayer only if server and all of the players have it installed (same version), otherwise you might lose some of the items.

    If you're getting 'dyeengine' related error, then installing dye mod will help you to get rid of it.

    ALWAYS delete old mod version before installing new one.

    In game you can purchase kiosk by opening your basic crafting menu ( "c" key ) and searching for "pixel goods store".

    Modders info:
    Unique material IDs reserved: 7301-7330
    If you'd like to release your own item pack for this mod, contact me and i'll feature it on mod page.

    The purpose of this mod is to keep decorative stuff in one station with friendly and configurable interface.
    Feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism are appreciated!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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Recent Reviews

  1. dmanriquezs
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    I love this mod, specially for creating colonies.
  2. poweredbygamespy
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
  3. varn1111
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    Floran ipressssed of mod nice sssstuff!
  4. childeroland
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    Lots of stuff!
  5. mastercookie
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
  6. Mitchcoolar
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    I remember playing Starbound with this mod installed it was one of the best moments in Starbound I've ever had, now i stop'ed playing Starbound for a little bit and now i'm back! and the game updated and i cant play the game with this mod i was very disappointed when i realized that.
    so please update the mod,i'm not trying to rush you for any reasonable measure i personally would love to see this mod working again on Starbound for an amazing time.

    Thank you if you respond! :)
  7. toby109tt
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    this is an amazing Mod. you should actually put a pixel goodies store at the outpost
  8. green3y3
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    Would like new tenants for this mod! Other than that, works fine. See discussion page 16 for a Pleased Giraffe fix! :)
  9. Jackie2581
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    Awesome mod great way to spruce up your base; but could you please update this to pleased Giraffe
  10. DiggleDugger
    Version: v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    Great mod. Doesn't work anymore. Y U no update?