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Phase Shift Module v1.32 (p1.2)

Become intangible and ghost through the universe.

  1. Reduced Cholesterol

    The cheese is fixed! The tech can now recognize most protected foreground tiles/doors, and won't let you phase through them. This cements the tech as a powerful exploration tool, but not one that can completely bypass all of Chucklefish's dungeon goodness.

    Until the next patch, this uses my own home-brewed method, which could cause issues in rare cases. Maybe. Let me know if anything happens.

    Also, if you bury yourself in the wall/ground by deactivating the tech, you can't use weapons. No sitting underground and stabbing up with a pitchfork! Tools and the like will still function.

    There's also some new checks to prevent you from flying out of worlds altogether, so you can't fly down through the core of a planet and crash your game, or out the edges of the missions... and crash your game.
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