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Pet Chickens 2.8.1

Today's your clucky day!

  1. Omekk
    First off, let me start by saying that this mod was inspired by TCG's Chicken Clones mod.

    Second, my awesome friend BurningX did the art for the Breeding Nets and Net Gun and the Net Gun's Net projectile.

    I decided to build upon it a bit and well... I LOVE chickens. I have had chickens and have raised chickens and I had the thought that it would be really fun to raise lots of colorful, useful chickens in Starbound!


    As of right now you follow 3 quests in the outpost in order to get all of your chicken eggs and breeding supplies, you will unlock the ability to craft both the chicken nest and incubator as you complete these quests.

    Umm, yeah. That's about it... for now. Expect big things! I've already had some good suggestions. Please let me know of any comments, concerns, etc. Especially if you're enjoying it! :) I plan on completing all of the tiers of ores and even TRYING to give the chickens different cool abilities. Maybe a glowing solarium chicken? :D

    Before I forget! You can capture the chickens with capture pods as well and they will follow you just like any pet, they even have an attack animation now! :D One issue, they don't do damage. I am trying to figure out what is causing that now.

    Future plans:

    Abilities! (Ever want a glowing solarium chicken that will follow you while you adventure? Frees up that back slot!)

    New breeds! (steel-impervium and beyond!)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. LunSei
    Version: 2.8.1
    One of my favorite mods.
  2. PufferPig
    Version: 2.8.1
    Great Job
  3. PabloElPuas
    Version: 2.8.1
    Love would be nice to be added to Starbound
  4. PwnagPotato11
    Version: 2.8
  5. Amethystumn
    Version: 2.7
    Adorable mod and I like that there is a quest line for the chickens as well. I don't really like the idea of 'ore chickens' but I'm happy with the normal one. Perhaps in the future updates you can make chicken breeds that resemble real exotic chickens or something : ) but all in all this is a fantastic mod and I have 2 adorable little chickens in my chicken coop that I made for my farm. Thanks!
  6. BlaineMuffin
    Version: 2.7
    This is such a great little mod. I hope it gets expanded on, but as is it's pretty wonderful! :D
  7. Deekkru
    Version: 2.7
    One of my all-time favorite mods by far! I have a few backyard chickens of my own, and it was a bit depressing to realize I couldn't raise them in Starbound as well - at least, not until I discovered this wonderful mod! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. <3

    Would you mind if I made myself a modified version with actual chicken breeds? The ore chickies are great, but now I want a massive flock of all the breeds I can't fit into my tiny RL coop. Just...Buff Orpingtons and Ameraucanas everywhere, man. AND AN ENTIRE PLANET OF SHOW-QUALITY SILKIES.
  8. Preacher
    Version: 2.7
    You promised me more content, come on ;-)! It has been some month now.
    1. Omekk
      Author's Response
      Sorry guys, I've been busy with life again... I sometimes have no access to a computer for weeks aside for work related tasks, please bear with me and soon I'll give you guys an awesome update.
  9. Fleshwarper
    Version: 2.7
    Hey man wanted to spout some praise for this awesome mod. My heart always ached when I passed by Glitch chickens. I love the mod so far, the quests are so sick. And I was wondering if I could please make a personal request? I would love to see a white rooster with a red comb and a black tail, here's the catch... If you could give him a small fire-breath special attack to use on foes I would love you forever and do fan art for all your mods. I have a cartoon character that is a super powered rooster who can breath fire after being hit by an alien beam, he breaths fire and protects the coop. Like a space Chanticleer. His name is Pojo :D Anyways, 6 Stars for you man!
  10. FuzzyRoxas
    Version: 2.61
    This is going to be the first mod i have downloaded, and i am going into it with a positive attitude. the reviews look great so i am excited, keep up the good work!
    1. Omekk
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know if you find any bugs, etc. I am working on making the timers better as well as implementing the next tiers of chickens soon. You'll find the eggs for the new chickens in chests... I'm also looking into making chickens spawn in certain biomes, etc. :)