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Perennial Crops 1.7 for Starbound 1.0+

Avoid the annoying chore of replanting your crops, keeping the annoying chore of watering them!

  1. Fixes, code optimizing & Craftable Seeds full support

    Steam's user Phasehand reported an odd behavior with crystalplants not being perennial (not intedend) and almost never dropping seeds when harvested (intended), while checking the issue I ended optimizing the code and saving precious bytes of space, giving it full native compatibility with NeoVanAlemania's Craftable Seeds (yay for perennial flesh strands and flowers!) and curing cancer.

    Well, everything except the cancer...

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  2. Mushroom and flowers support

    Perennial Crops 1.6

    Added perennial support to other wild *normally unobtainable* vanilla crops: mushrooms, red, blue and yellow flowers.

    They will reset to first growth stage and with support of other mods (like Frackin' Universe and Craftable Seeds), they will become perennial in their farmable forms.

    *Note that the wild flowers and mushrooms will NOT regrow on their own, because making them perennial as wild plants would make them not require water as crops.
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  3. Perennial wild crops fixed!


    This time around I checked the issue reported by Silent Strider with the perennial wild plants being basicly useless, because they never regrown...

    Now all the wild crop plants regrow after a while once harvested and they need 0.0% of user irrigation to do so. You will want to sacrifice some of them to acquire the valuable seeds, though...

    Also check my new mod Plantable Flowers for a more...
  4. Starbound Release version + Steam workshop


    Starbound is officially 1.0 and I am proud (or sad?) to say Perennial Crops is still a relevant mod to have!

    This version changes very little, I just tested the mod was working well and updated the info of the _metadata file. If you prefer, the mod is now available via Steam Workshop, but I will keep using this forum.

    In the short time I played, I noticed something changed with the seeds drop rate and I...
  5. The "f*ck you, modders!" Release (?) Edition

    In a completely dick move, the devs changed the packing process again, less than a week from the release date, breaking the mod again (instead of doing it at once when they pushed the unstable release). *sigh*

    I didn't have time to check this ingame, the base code hasn't changed so I assume the mod will work as intended. If not, please let me know!
  6. Pre-Release Update (Cheerful Giraffe Unstable)

    I took a moment today to see how much had the pre-release version changed code wise since the last stable of January, and besides a change in the asset packer and a file name, everything seems in order and the new plants (cocoa, cotton) to be perennial already.

    So... enjoy your pre-1.0 launch without having to replant those pesky crops and as always, let me know if there is something not working as intended!
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  7. Crystalplant support

    Since the crystalplants are now obtainable in-game, this little update makes them perennial as well!
    Thanks Markelius for your report!
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  8. Too many seeds exploit fixed


    NeoVanAlemania recently brought to my attention a potential exploit caused by the excessive amount of seeds dropped by the new perennial crops. He was also very kind in providing me with a modified harvest.treasurepool patch that fixes this issue, placing my perennial crops in line with the vanilla's perennial seed drop rate.

    I'm much obliged to you, Neo!

    As always, please report any bug you find and enjoy! :D
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  9. Potato quickfix

    Fixed a small change in filenames that made the potato plants a bit less perennial than they should be.

    Thanks to whitekitestrings for the report!
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  10. Perennial Crops v1.1 is out!

    This update allow all the wild plants of the modified varieties to become perennial as well!