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Peculiar Planets [DISCONTINUED] v1.0.2 (Glad Giraffe)

Adds high level planets for all biome types.

  1. Mysterious Stars - v1.3

    It's about time I updated this thing. This update comes with some bigger changes compared to the last.

    - Incalculable, Inconceivable and Unreal threat level planets added (Tier 8-10)
    - Pixel treasure pools for higher tier planets has been added.
    - Tech can now be unlocked via commands at S.A.I.L. after finishing certain quests. This allows you to unlock tech as you progress through the game without needing to expand your ship's size.
    - The paint tool is now unlocked after repairing your ship's thrusters.
    - The wiring tool is now unlocked after repairing your ship's FTL drive. No ship expansions are required to unlock it now.
    - New nano suit, Omni Protection, which combines the protection of every other nano suit. It's also required to safely traverse planets on mysterious stars. It can be unlocked after completing the Weapon Testing Site mission.
    - Planets in mysterious star systems now contain more weather effects for more variety.
    - Some disabled Minibiomes and underground biomes have been enabled. This includes:
    • Flower Field (surface of garden planets)
    • Charred (surface of scorched planets)
    • Sandstone (surface of desert planets)
    • Colorful (underground on desert and savannah planets)
    • Coral Cave (underground on ocean and arctic planets)
    • Crystal Cave (underground on magma and volcanic planets)
    • Heck (underground on magma and volcanic planets)
    • Hive (underground on jungle, alien and scorched planets)
    • Slime (underground on jungle, toxic and alien planets)
    • Zen (underground on ocean planets)
    - Asteroid Fields now have a chance to appear in mysterious star systems
    - Tentacle planets now have tentacle juice instead of alien juice. This also corrects the issue of tentacles not appearing over tentacle planets when hovering above them in your ship.
    - Plants now make appropriate sounds when being broken rather than making the capsule breaking sound. The most notable example being jungle plants.
    - All trees now drop their saplings, including flesh and tentacle trees.
    - Rust trees and plants drop bolts.
    - Ice trees drop ice crystals.
    - Tentacle trees drop raw tentacles.
    - Only friendly structures will generate on garden worlds now, such as villages and air ships.
    - Only advanced structures like apex labs, human bunkers and sci-fi dungeons will appear on inhospitable worlds like volcanic and tentacles.

    - No longer uses custom ore distributions to ensure compatibility with other mods that do so.
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