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PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. Update

    just a quick update with a few fixes
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  2. Mushroom seed error fixed

    Hi Hi Everyone,

    here is a fix for the mushroom seed error that some people are having,
    the artwork for the PBR Wooden Fairy Bow arrows has been done,
    besides that i have made some other small changes to things but not anything people will notice.
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  3. Beta vs Glad Giraffe version

    Hi Hi Everyone :D
    Here is the updated version which works with Glad Giraffe,
    please let me know if you find any thing which isn't working correctly.

    Dew to me having to change a lot to get this working with the Glad Giraffe update i have not made much new content, just another Santa suit and a new candy cane sword.

    Also i have change the stats on the PBR Wooden Fairy Bow a little and have made the charged arrow that it fires into a homing arrow, i still need to do the art work for the...
  4. opps gave the wrong link before

  5. New Outfits, New tech, Boosters, All PBR Mats now paintable & more

    Hi Hi Everyone one
    Here the next update.

    so what is new this time lol
    - PBR Processing Station working again i've got more recipes to add to this but for now it should be working like it used to.
    - new intro when you start the game and if people want you can now put a song of your choice as the music you hear when the game starts. I'll add a how to for this on the over view page sometime soon.
    - new interface windows for all the PBR Tech stations,
    - started to colour items in the PBR Tech...
  6. New PBr Vault, PBR Sprinkler, PBR Morphball Tech & More

    I will write a better description later on today for all the new items

    for now here a bunch of screenshots and pics

    Vaults - PBR Vault 001 (368).png Vaults - PBR Vault 368 SS.png

    Garden - PBR Sprinkler 001.png
    Garden - PBR Sprinkler SS.png

    PBR Tech Card - PBR Morphball.png PBR Tech - PBR Morphball SS.png PBR Tech Card - PBR Morphball (Love).png PBR Tech - PBR Morphball (Love) SS.png

    Skyrail - PBR Skyrail 001.png Skyrail - PBR Skyrail Booster 001.png Skyrail - PBR Skyrail Break 001.png Skyrail - PBR Skyrail Direction (Left) 001.png Skyrail - PBR Skyrail Direction (Right) 001.png Skyrail - PBR Skyrail Switcher Down 001.png Skyrail - PBR Skyrail Switcher Up 001.png ...
  7. flame shooters

    Hi Hi everyone
    It's update time again YAY!
    This week i didn't get much done due to being ill.
    but the PBR Decks are back working and playing music like they used to \o/
    plus there is a few new items

    PBR Door & Hatch 007.png
    New door and hatch

    PBR Stage Flame Shooter SS.png
    the new flame shooters, just another dj decor item :D

    PBR Furniture (Space Range) 001 SS.png
    and new furniture, more coming in future updates

    Also i have improved the PBR lazers so they work better so you might need to replace any you...
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  8. New Weapons, Clothes, OP Undies, Confetti Machine, Dance Floor Lights and more

    Hi Hi everyone been a busy week for me but i still found time to make lots of new fun stuff for you to play with.

    Ok if you have added your own music to the PBR vinyls or the PBR Headphone you need to do one thing before you go and delete V2.0.8, go to the the "tracks" folder and move it out to somewhere safe like the desktop, then delete V2.0.8, then when you have un rar the new update v2.0.11 just replace the "tracks" folder back in where it meant to go. if you haven't added your own...
  9. Tech working \o/ and much more

    What's new in the v2.0.8 update

    - PBR Liquid guns which where not fully in the mod are in and working, i have not redone the effects yet but for now they are back in and you can shoot 6 more new coloured liquids,

    - Lava & Glitter Lamps can now be switched on and off, you have to wire them up to a switch to be able to do this, when they are just placed down they will be switched on just like they where before this new feature was added.
    PBR Lava Lamps off.png PBR Lava Lamps on.png

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  10. Fixed some errors people where having

    Hi everyone :D
    here's an updated version of the PBR Mod, in here i have fixed some errors people have reported,
    Other new fixes and added items:
    - Fixed the PBR Music Gun as it was not firing correctly, it still dose not shoot 4 projectiles at once like it used to but everything else should be working like it did.
    - Added the PBR Glow Sticks and made them one handed so now you can light up where ever you go in one of your fave colours.

    That's all i've been able to get done in my free time...