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PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. New Outfits, New tech, Boosters, All PBR Mats now paintable & more

    Hi Hi Everyone one
    Here the next update.

    so what is new this time lol
    - PBR Processing Station working again i've got more recipes to add to this but for now it should be working like it used to.
    - new intro when you start the game and if people want you can now put a song of your choice as the music you hear when the game starts. I'll add a how to for this on the over view page sometime soon.
    - new interface windows for all the PBR Tech stations,
    - started to colour items in the PBR Tech stations for example in the forge all tools are one colour, liquid guns another, weapons another and so on, i'm yet to do this with everything but that will slowly happen in the up and coming updates.
    - The PBR mining Gus works like they used to, by this i mean they drop what they remove now instead of just destroying everything

    Shark Suit
    Clothing - PBR Shark Oufit SS.png

    Supergirl Suit
    Clothing - PBR Supergirl Suit 001 SS.png Clothing - PBR Supergirl Suit 002 SS.png

    Santa Suit
    PBR Outfits - PBR Santa Siut 001.png

    Hair Clips
    PBR Headwear - PBR Hair Clip - Bow.png PBR Headwear - PBR Hair Clip - Flower.png PBR Headwear - PBR Hair Clip - Heart.png

    All PBR Mats can be painted now
    PBR Mats 001 Panited SS.png

    New Tech
    Tech - PBR Skyrail Rider 230.png Tech - PBR Skyrail Rider 2300.png Tech - PBR Skyrail Rider 23000.png
    PBR Tech Card - PBR Skyrail Rider.png PBR Skyrail Ridertech
    Tech - PBR Hover Tech.png
    PBR Tech Card - PBR Hover Tech.png PBR Hover Tech

    and new superhero's tech and weapons (this range will be expanded slowly over time
    Untitled.png PBR Heroes - PBR Supergirl Flame Vision.png
    PBR Tech Card - PBR Supergirl.png tech card for Supergirl powers

    PBR Squirt Guns
    PBR Liquid Gun (Squirt) SS.png The old PBR Liquid guns are still in the mod so you can pick which you rather use

    Stackable Game Stations
    PBR Stackable Crafting Stations (Game) SS.png These are back in and working you can craft them the same way as you craft the normal game versions.

    New Ship Upgrade quests
    PBR Rewards - PBR Licene 005.png These are a way of getting to either redo the ship upgrades if you need to or another way instead of having to get diamonds for that other person.
    The licences you get from these will come as a reward you can stick on the wall of your ship or home, atm only the final licence has been done the rest should be finished by the next update.

    PBR Boosrer Down.png PBR Boosrer Lrft.png PBR Boosrer Right.png PBR Boosrer Up.png

    New logic switches
    PBR Electronics - PBR Reversal Switch.png PBR Electronics - PBR Wire Extender 001.png

    New door/hatch
    PBR Door - PBR Door 008 Lower.png PBR Door - PBR Door 008 Top.png PBR Door - PBR Hatch 008 Left.png PBR Door - PBR Hatch 008 Right.png
    PBR Door & Hatch 008 001.gif
    PBR Door & Hatch 008 002.gif

    New Pets foods
    Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food -Chicken & Ham.png Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food -Chicken & Salmon.png Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food - Turkey & Giblets.png Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food - Tuna & Whitefish.png Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food - Salmon Dinner.png Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food - Poultry Platter.png Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food - Mixed Grill in Gravy.png Pets - PBR Canned Pet Food - Beef & Liver.png
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