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Outdated [Outdated] ZimaZang's Miscellaneous Mod R1.6.1

Hats - Vanity - Decor - Weapons - Tiles - And More!

  1. zMisc R1.6.1 (Bugfix/Asset updates/Balance tweaks)

    • Fixed description on the 'Village Chief' hat.
    • Added some requested hats: "Hat of a Purple Cat", "Fro", "Wilson Wig", and "Mad Scientist".
    • The Diamond Staff now plays dragon sounds when fired.
    • The Golden Staff now plays ghostly moans when fired.
    • The Iron Staff now plays zapping sounds when fired.
    • The Wood Staff now plays poof sounds when fired.
    • ZimaZang's Workbench is now treated as a platform and you can stand on it. (This was actually added in R1.6, but I forgot to mention it.)
    • ALL staves are now 2-handed to balance them.
    • Updated the textures of the Golden, Shockwave and Iron staves.
    • Tweaked the sound for a Shockwave Staff a bit.
    • The Shockwave Staff now fires a little bit slower.
    • Greatly reduced the requirements to make a Shockwave Staff to balance it to it's attack power.
    • Updated the texture of the Fish Gun. It looks a LOT nicer now.
    • Some projectiles now emit light like they should. It makes them look cooler too.
    • Rebalanced the healing staff a bit.
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