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Outdated (OUTDATED) Danmaku Gems - DANMAKU NO SHUGYOKU β0.2

Touhou-like weapon, with a magical-steampunk style.

  1. Little Fix V2 + Frackin' Flora Patch

    Fixed the bug with the Lightning Wand and added an Frackin' Flora Compatible version.

    I also updated the presentation, you can now download older and patched versions here.
  2. Fast Fix update

    Bug fixes:
    -Removed an debug recipe.
    -Fixed the Burning Gem Seed icon.
  3. Danmaku Forest Update!

    So, I said updates weren't too frequent. I think I lied.

    +Added 1 Nature, 1 Lightning, 1 Storm and 1 Blood Spell (Scroll/Wand)
    +Added "Danmaku Forest" Biome, From Sector Beta to Sector X
    +Added random encounter dungeons for Danmaku Forest Biome.
    +Added 2 uniques spells, "Shadow Spin" (Drop for a future Boss, Unobtainable.) & "StormA-DN Mk.121" (Tech Tier)
    + Added Gem Seeds (Death, Fire, Water & Neutral). Try to find them by...
  4. Hot fix for crash at launch issues

    Yeah, it's a fail at the launching of my mod, but thanks to Icefrenzy, it's now fixed

    - Launching crash due to worldgen.config fixed