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Orpheus Colony: RAM's edits 3.7

Some edits and additions to Alsehr's awesome Orpheus Colony ship.

  1. greenRAM
    Orpheus Colony: RAM's edits (Tested on 1.0 Stable)
    -The Human, Apex and Avian ships are up. I'll have the other racial ships up eventually.

    Colony Tiers.jpg

    T0-T3: is still your original racial ship you start out with. Your original dropship is unchanged, though most ship objects are now movable and the racial background blocks have been changed based on LoPhatKao's Racially Appropriate Ship Backgrounds.

    T4: racial ship docks with the colony and unlocks the first area.
    Max Fuel : 3,000
    Crew Size : 5

    T5: the body of the mining bay is unlocked, adding farming areas, housing areas and the bridge.
    Max Fuel : 4,000
    Crew Size : 8

    T6: the atrium is unlocked.
    Max Fuel : 6,000
    Crew Size : 11

    T7: the mining bay and armory are unlocked.
    Max Fuel : 8,000
    Crew Size : 14

    T8: the observation bays are unlocked.
    Max Fuel : 10,000
    Crew Size : 17

    -Added more Farming areas.
    -Added a mining bay. Unfortunately, there are no ore deposits. There is something worth digging up in there though.
    -The ship now updates normally.
    -Added two observation bays.
    -I removed the invisible lights from the colony ship, but kept them for the main racial ship. The colony is very dark now. Watch your step!
    -Added artificial rain to the atrium. Careful not to flood the ship! ...unless that's your intent.

    Thanks to:
    Alsehr for his original ship design: Orpheus Colony Mod. Use of assets or posting of any additional edits has to have the original author's consent. My consent is never required.
    LoPhatKao's Racially Appropriate Ship Backgrounds
    5th Horseman for his asteroid mod.

    This mod was made for use in a single player campaign.
    To install: extract any or all of the racial ship folder and add them to your starbound/mods/ folder.

    This mod is intended to be used for new characters only. Do not skip tiers! It's made to be updated sequentially from T3 onward.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. v3.7 Avian!
  2. v3.6 quick fix!
  3. v3.6 Added Apex!

Recent Reviews

  1. Phantomgo
    Version: 3.7
    can you make it for all races but still a great mod
  2. varn1111
    Version: 3.3 Upbeat Giraffe
    and you need to update it
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      Yeah, even if it still works, it's probably worth going over and improving most of it, adding new things. Maybe I'll get inspired one of these days and rework it from scratch. I'd love to increase the scope of the mod, maybe merging it with aspects of the Uros IV ship.
  3. Murhaaja59
    Version: 3.3 Upbeat Giraffe
    i love the mod so far but i have some very small ideas that i hope you could work with in the future first of all if the ship itself would be upgraded with the Orpheus like atleast to sparrow class i would be very pleased and if i could move Orpheus to another star system and then have a someway of detaching the ship from it and then Orpheus would become a place in the star system and you could visit it and do the same thing all over again if you didn't like the star system, but this is a small crazy idea i just came up with other than that it's great :D
  4. NuclearPotato
    Version: 3.3 Upbeat Giraffe
    How do you make this compatible with the Kemono race mod? It needs to be, or I will die. Other than that, BEST SHIP MOD EVER.
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      I don't use custom races, so I can't say for sure, but if they use the human assets you can replace the human assets from this mod into the kemono ship folder.
  5. Mastergamer1172222222
    Version: 3.3 Upbeat Giraffe
    One problem with it! I CANNOT GET IT TO WORK! The only other mod I have is the CreativeMode mode, Please help.
    I am playing on the latest stable, (Upbeat Giraffe)
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      I can't tell just from that. Are other mods working?
  6. ProffesorTroller
    Version: 2.2
    Not to be THAT GUY, but i cannot figure out how to make this work, i've installed it just how the instructions say, anyone willing to give me a bit more detailed instructions would be very appreciated.
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      Each racial ship has its own separate mod, if that helps. Other than that, starting the mod on a character with only a tier 1-3 ship should be fine. Also make sure you use the Upbeat Giraffe versions, as that's the game version we're on now. Hope that helps.
  7. Alsehr
    Version: 2.2
    I'm impressed with the way you did tiers, and I think this is a great addition to my own ship. :)
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      Glad to make you proud! There seems to be a lot of new restrictions to ship building, but also some new possibilities have been opened up as well.
  8. saf8772
    Version: 2
    i love it i just don't know how to update the ship i did all the quests and side quests in the right order and nothing after tier 3
  9. ravenvalentine
    Version: .1
    i made a very modded server for roleplay and we have had a moon base but it is nothing like this... i made a hosted player and a race that looks like a small bot to keep this ship going and we can warp to it as our home it will be super awesome to make it in to some thing we can deploy in space or some thing like that i already gave it a 5 and i'd give it more for the amazing art work
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      Neat! I updated this to the unstable branch, but left the old one there in case someone else wants to do something with it too.
    Version: .1
    Fantastic! Very large ship, easy to navigate, very detailed, I'm a very picky person, and this ones a keeper!