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Outdated Ore Rebalance Spirited Giraffe

Edits the Ore Distribution Tables to boost and rebalance ore spawns. (Non Cheaty)

  1. Taiine
    Ore Rebalance v1.2
    For v. Spirited Giraffe / Unstable

    Did you know that by default Starbounds ores spawn nearly the same amount at all
    depths and at most world difficulties? Averaging around 1.10/1.20 with (very) few spikes here and there, although some ores do only spawn at higher difficulty planets (titanium for example), even then the rates end up being close to the same. This makes mining boring as you can find nearly everything at the same depth across most worlds.

    This mod aims to rebalance the current ore spawn rates to make them more diverse. All ores have had their spawn rates boosted and tweaked, each having their own unique spawning conditions. This makes mining less boring but also not a chore to find the ore you need.

    Ore Changes:
    • COAL Is mostly found near the surface and upper depths on all worlds. It becomes harder to find the deeper you go, very common on volcanic worlds.
    • COPPER Is now a common find in the upper depths of low threat worlds, becoming rarer the deeper you go and vanishing fully at lower depths. It does not spawn on higher threat worlds.
    • IRON Spawn rates have been boosted, and become more common the deeper you go. Still only spawns on Harmless and Mostly Harmless worlds (that’s default)
    • SILVER Ore is now more common near the lower depths, tapering off a bit until you reach the core. It is most common on Mostly Harmless to Moderate worlds.
    • GOLD Is now mostly found in the mid depths of low threat worlds, is it most common on Moderate worlds.
    • PLATINUM Can be found very rarely starting at Mostly Harmless worlds, it becomes more common the deeper you go and the higher the world threat level.
    • TITANIUM Can now be found starting on Mostly Harmless worlds very rarely at the world core, becoming more common on Moderate and Risky worlds near the lower/mid depths.
    • DIAMOND Is mostly found now at the lowest depths and in the deepest parts of the world’s core, higher threat level worlds will start to see it rarely in the mid depths as well.
    • URAINUM Can now be found very rarely on Moderate and Dangerous worlds. Spawn rates boosted on Risky worlds, found most common in the mid depths and in the core.

    All other ores have simply had their spawn rates boosted slightly at this time.

    Download and extract the .ZIP file into:

    To update the mod extract the zip into your mods folder and allow it to over write the existing file.
    Note: Changes will only appear on unexplored worlds.

Recent Updates

  1. Spirited Giraffe / Unstable

Recent Reviews

  1. Enderman99102
    Version: Spirited Giraffe
    Good mod, saves countless mind-numbing hours of mining for that rubium or iron.

    And, completely off topic, I tapped into the code to see if I could find out how to implement my modded ores into the list so they spawn. Figured it out, thanks a ton.
  2. Pixelguru26
    Version: Spirited Giraffe
    Thank you so much for finally making this game less of a bulldozer grindfest. I didn't realize how much a simple ore rebalance could help
  3. Mr. Shingles
    Mr. Shingles
    Version: Spirited Giraffe
    Does what it says, I'm satisfied with the ore re-balances. Hopefully it will also bring back uranium in Pleased Giraffe!
  4. I'mComing
    Version: Spirited Giraffe
    Well, i'm trying to use this mod, is going fine in all the planets, but when i trying to get into a moon and i got stuck in the "Jumping", ¿is supposed to be a bug?
    1. Taiine
      Author's Response
      Moons shouldn't be causing that issue. It could be another mod you're using. I've tested the spawns on every planet type to check for balance and haven't had a world cause that issue.
  5. Seevin
    Version: Spirited Giraffe
    Its ok but sometimes planets have a surface FILLED with copper ore. Is this a glitch?
    1. Taiine
      Author's Response
      That shouldn't be happening. Ore gen for Copper at the surface is at 0.40, default is 0.20, it's really not that big of a boost when you think that default gen for the other depths is at 1.25. It should be just slightly less rare at the surface.
      Care to show a screenshot of what you are seeing? Also are you using any mods along side this? Other mods can also be editing the ore gen and if so adding mine could very well massivly boost what is already being told to gen.