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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.63

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. Moneyplant T5!

    Added a new tier 5 moneyplant. Picking up a Money Seed T4 item will unlock it. The jump to the next level is a bit more steep than the previous levels. The payoff is not necessarily worth the effort for the first few drops. The rare drop on this one is a T5 money plant seed though, which should create a very high return over time as long as you keep planting the additional seed drops.

    I made a few small edits and fixes that few will notice. I also separated out the objects and recipes for my version of the Uros IV ships as a seperate addon. I didn't want to separate each ship as a different addon as that I feel will get a little messy. Hope this helps with the error log glut.

    Happy homesteading, starfarmers!
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