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Outdated Ore Farming 2.0 [Enraged Koala]

Adds new craft-able seeds used to grow various ores

  1. bloo808
    If anyone feels like updating this mod or continuing support for it, feel free.
    Go here if you have requests for things you want added or changed, and general discussion on the changes/additions as well as discussion about requests other people have made.

    DEFINITELY go there if you are interested in being a part of the planning process of the mod and/or want to help with actual development such as adding patches for other mods, or helping me with a new addition or even a new mod if that comes up.
    To start farming ores, craft a farm console with 5 copper bars, 5 iron bars and 50 pixels.
    Use the farm console to craft the seeds, you cannot get them otherwise.

    You have to unlock the recipes by picking up the matching ore, which shouldn't be a problem.

    The cost of making a seed is 15 bars of the respective resource, and some pixels.

    The cost of a higher tiered seed is 15 seeds of the previous tier plus some pixels

    Every plant takes 5 - 7 minutes to grow completely (2.5 - 3.5 minutes per stage)

    A few points for people that have problems with how I balanced the mod
    • The seeds are expensive for a reason. Once you have one seed, you can keep planting and harvesting to get a huge field of crops that will give you high amount of ore
    • The plant drops are not low. They drop the same as any vanilla plant, but with a 3% higher chance for each outcome. There is really no reason to complain.
    • The growth time for each plant is significantly lower than any other vanilla plant, so you can plant and harvest much faster, allowing you to make your over-powered ore farm that much faster. (This really is unfair but I kept getting complaints about drop rates)

    Just move the "Ore_Farming" folder in the .zip file to your "mods" folder

    The file that lets you convert the seeds from version 1.7 or lower to 1.8 or higher is here

    If you have compact crops installed, download this and move the folder inside to your mods folder

    If you have persistent farmables installed, download this and move the folder inside to your mods folder

    If you have seed extractor and genetics lab installed, download this and move the folder inside to your mods folder

    The original patches for compact crops and persistant farmables are courtesy of Mackinz who has helped me a lot with perfecting this mod

    The new patches and the seed extractor patch, is courtesy of Pedromendes.

    The new sprites look like this!:

    I made helpful chart of which plants spawn in which biomes. (If the biome isn't on the chart, no plants spawn there)

    If you encounter a glitch or think that the recipes are unbalanced, please tell me about it so i can fix it

    I will only be able to work on the mod during weekends because of school but i will be on the forums if anyone needs help

    • Add patch for persistent farmables/compact crops
    • Add monster drops (unfortunately there are some issues preventing me from completing this.)
    • Add some sort of biome generation
    • Add a chance for it to be found in random chests (I don't really feel like it right now)
    • New descriptions that are more legitimate
    • New sprites
    • Craft-able plant tiers that drop more loot as the previous tier, for smaller, more efficient farms.
    • Implement new farming system (oreberries dust/ore crystals or something and planting on cobblestone)

    You can also take a look at my other mod:

    The farm console looks like this:
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Updates

  1. A bit more balance
  2. Bug fixes
  3. New tiers and bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. cozie306
    Version: 2.0 [Enraged Koala]
    how can i make version 2.0 work with gardenbot mod?
  2. Kilala
    Version: 2.0 [Enraged Koala]
    awesome tyvm
  3. Senlovos
    Version: 2.0 [Enraged Koala]
    one of the best mods!
  4. 3do987
    Version: 1.9 [Enraged Koala]
    Nice mod but I wanted to know one thing.Can you put both folders into the mods folder?
    1. bloo808
      Author's Response
      you could, but there's no point because it would be the same as putting just the easy folder in your mods folder
  5. Zooted_be_i
    Version: 1.9 [Enraged Koala]
    as a farmer i can say, ore could grow on trees out in the universe, great mod love it on hard
  6. Arcaniel
    Version: 1.9 [Enraged Koala]
    Good idea,
    but...I have a problem
    I have a console, and picking raw ore, but recipes for tier 1 don't show up, so don't have any of them(
    little help pls =0

    sry for bad english :D
    1. bloo808
      Author's Response
      I have 2 types of the mod in the .zip file. there is easy and hard mode. easy mode has recipes for tier 1, and hard mode makes you look for them instead of making them
  7. Dis_conected
    Version: 1.9 [Enraged Koala]
    this mod my seem cheaty but it's balanced well especially the hard mode version i was hoping that you could allow me to use this mod in an avali centered mod pack. this mod was soo helpful for getting the steel for avali blocks that i feel it would have been impossible without it thank you for your time :)
    1. bloo808
      Author's Response
      Yeah sure go ahead :D
  8. DenenFX
    Version: 1.9 [Enraged Koala]
    I love this mod <3
    The only think i don't like that it takes me 3 hours to update the mod to Tier 10 because only 4 Tiers was to "low" for me :D
    (eh... the Tier 10 cost me 120 Seeds and over 100000 Pixels so thats fair enough in my opinion :D)
    Thanks for that amazing mod <3
  9. Baleur
    Version: 1.9 [Enraged Koala]
    I really want a version of this mod that is more balanced (who cares if other people complain). I don't want a massive overpowered ore farm.

    How about if seeds literally cost for example 5 coal for 1 coal seed. And those plants ONLY drop 1 seed when harvested.
    So you'd essentially have to spend 500 copper ore to make a farm of 100 copper seeds, which would always and only provide 100 seeds when harvested.

    So the mod would essentially become a system of having a secure regeneratable farm of ore, if you dont feel like going mining. But it would require more investment than it pays out, and you would not be able to just mass-expand it.
    1. bloo808
      Author's Response
      That's pretty easy to do o i might actually do that. I haven't updated in a while too
  10. bluecar06
    Version: 1.9 [Enraged Koala]
    Amazing mod, the only problem is that my friend won't share his gold seeds xD. Also, may I use this in an upcoming modpack?
    1. bloo808
      Author's Response
      Yeah go ahead I don't mind :D