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Optional Erchius Mining Facility/Vinalisj Quest 1.4 (FU Compatible)

Hated the Erchius quest gating your space exploration, but still wanting to do it some other day?

  1. Starbound 1.3 update!

    Sorry for the terribly long wait. Here are some updates, following Starbound 1.3 mech updates.
    • Adds teleport bookmark to the Outpost after booting up your ship
    • Unlocks mech shop after booting up your ship
    • Scans no longer requires Erchius quest; now you can scan and 3D print without even knowing Esther
    • Minor dialogue fixes in Ancient Gate repair radio message, indicating you don't need Core Fragments to activate the gate
    • Minor dialogue fixes in ship bootup, indicating that teleport to Outpost is readily available
    • Minor dialogue fixes in ship bootup, indicating that your ship ran out of fuel
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