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[OFFICIAL] FU BYOS Modded Race Patch 20-10-2021

A patch to make modded races work with Frackin Universe build your own ship.

  1. Patched a Bunch of Races

    - Added support for a bunch of races using the power of automation
  2. Add Race Support

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  3. Avikan Fix

    - Fixed the missing avikan support
  4. New Format

    - Updated the race support to work with how FU BYOS now works
    - Merged the 2 patch mods back together
  5. Kyterran Support

    Adds support for Kyterrans
  6. FR Races Support Update

    - Adds support to the previously unsupported FR supported races
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  7. Minor Fix

    -Both patch mods should now double the server connection timeout time (to fix an issue where some people timed out when try to play on single player due to the patch being too big)
  8. Minor Fix

    Fixed a minor issue in the last update if you didn't have the Trollbound mod
  9. Trollbound Compat Update

    - Patched the Trollbound troll race's starter treasure to fix a minor incompatibility issue
  10. Adds more race support

    Adds more race support