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OBSOLETE: CN Yes Chef: Back in the Kitchen v5.3.53

A cooking flow redesign! Get fancy with the spices, once more!

  1. v4.2.47

    A bunch of changes, see changelog for more details, here are the highlights:
    • Removed Raw Half Poultry and replaced it with Raw Strips of Poultry
    • Mountainman Stew is now made directly instead of making the Mix first (Just add the ingredients to the Boil pot instead)
    • Updated the names of a few items for improved compatibility (You may notice a few of your ingredients missing, couldn't be avoided, as much as I tried. See changelog to find the names of items you're potentially missing)
    • Added Liquid Water to the Mountainman Stew recipe
    • Battered Banana is now made using Simple Batter instead of Dough
    • Spiky Cookies now give 8 cookies when you bake them instead of 1

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