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ObeMonsterParts 86 parts

Additional Parts for Random Monster Generation

  1. 4 new parts.

    Getting slightly faster at making new parts, but finding time to make said parts is tough sometimes.
    Hope ya'll like the new ones.
  2. Three more parts.

    Kinda meh wings, fairly decent tail, pretty good nose-bird face. Enjoy.
  3. Fixed the fish parts.

    Fish parts weren't working. Now they are.
  4. Updated for upbeat giraffe, no new files yet so still "version 16".

    Hopefully everything works, let me know if anything is busted. ^_^ Thank you.
  5. A few more parts, basic parts image and a couple of links!

    Added a tail I'm rather proud of and a couple of other parts! Enjoy!
  6. smallbiped head graphic fix

    Entire file was misaligned due to coming from the Froggish head. Also thickened the base of the neck up a bit, so now the head looks overly tiny, moreso than before. I should probably fix that.

    I WILL make new parts for the next update, but I didn't want too many glitchy biped heads floating around (literally floating, with a giant black bar in the air as well..).
  7. Bugfix and a couple of new parts.

    Turns out the head I used for a the base of my small biped head, from my extracted Starbound assets was bugged. Causing it to not spawn, ever.
    The Chucklefish head "Froggish" is looking for the wrong directory, basically. So I fixed my head, left that one alone, they'll bugfix it eventually.

    Also added three fish parts (fin, tail, head.), and a small quadruped legs.

    Will work on a few more parts later. Update again, then work on at least a small basket full of parts before another update....