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ObeMonsterParts 86 parts

Additional Parts for Random Monster Generation

  1. 6 more parts.

    A few tweaks to a couple of older parts as well as 6 more parts. Enjoy.
  2. Just catching up to the Steam Workshop version.

    Four more parts over the previous update.

    Updates on the Steam Workshop will always be more frequent due to how easy it is to upload, but I just haven't had much time lately (moving, etc.) so I figured I might as well keep both uploads current for now.

  3. Steam Workshop Port v1.0.2.0

    Updates here are going to be less frequent, but I'll put one here every few updates on the Steam Workshop for the people who don't use Steam.
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  4. Glad Giraffe Compatibility, Three new parts.

    Everything SHOULD be working for Glad Giraffe now.

    A new large fish face has been added.
    Also, a small quadruped body and large biped arms (both are modified from my other parts but look different enough to not feel too samey).

    Mostly I'm trying to motivate myself to get back into the swing of things and push out a few more parts, possibly over my next days off.
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  5. Made some parts look nicer.

    Fixed one frame of the small skin wings, the floating pixels should be gone.

    Tweaked a few (mostly older) parts to look a little nicer.

    No new parts quite yet, but "Soon, maybe.".
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  6. Four additional small biped parts.

    I attempted to make a cute monster face. The result is a weird looking cat.
    Enjoy with this update two more small biped heads! An extra arm and a tail as well!

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  7. One face.

    Just one small quadruped head.

    I know it isn't much after all this time.
    In other news, my puppy is very time consuming and needy.
  8. Crash fix.

    A quotation mark went missing from the half-crab legs. Fixed it.
  9. A new part and a few changes.

    Okay, made an attempt at crab legs, but it walks like a normal four-legger roughly, and has only 4 legs.. So calling it half-crab legs. *shrugs*

    Otherwise, fixed an issue with the propeller bird bodies (somehow they got turned around), and tweaked the stick legs for quadrupeds, and changed their animations slightly.
    Most notably their jump. It's horrible now, an improvement over the derp of before.. I hope.

    A few other part tweaks, you probably won't notice, but that's okay.
    Things like...
  10. Tiny one, just small biped mantis inspired arms.

    When my schedule is more consistent I should be able to pick up pace again.
    For now, it should be working in Spirited Giraffe.
    And one more arm. So yeah.