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ObeMonsterParts 86 parts

Additional Parts for Random Monster Generation

  1. A new part and a few changes.

    Okay, made an attempt at crab legs, but it walks like a normal four-legger roughly, and has only 4 legs.. So calling it half-crab legs. *shrugs*

    Otherwise, fixed an issue with the propeller bird bodies (somehow they got turned around), and tweaked the stick legs for quadrupeds, and changed their animations slightly.
    Most notably their jump. It's horrible now, an improvement over the derp of before.. I hope.

    A few other part tweaks, you probably won't notice, but that's okay.
    Things like tails moving a little while they walk besides shifting up and down.. when before some of them completely lacked animation (which is normal for vanilla tails, most of them do not animate at all.)

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