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Nutrient Bar Maker! 0.7e

Combine food to create something more filling!

  1. That1Rand0mChannel
    Version: 0.7e
    This is genius. The non-stacking food was always annoying, so this mod provides a way of combining the food into 1 food item, saving space. Not to mention that the combined food actually fills you up quite a bit depending on the food type you combine, a nice detail that makes you think twice before combining all your food. It's strange how this was never considered in vanilla Starbound, despite the fact that this game takes place in the far future, so this matches perfectly with the setting, I mean who would still eat food the primitive way if massive spaceships exist? Anyways this mod get's a seal of originality and is something I will definitely use.
  2. NightmareDL
    Version: 0.7d
    Amazing mod , vanilla sb food roots way too fast , this mod complements the other mods i had and this is the best one , being able to turn food that it is going bad into something perma edible is very good
    Finally i can properly prepare for long exploration avoiding the tedious things ingame
  3. jje64
    Version: 0.6b
    The mod I’ve always wanted. Makes food so much easier to manage. Thank you for this!
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
  4. OverPoweredNiblet
    Version: 0.6b
    Useful but I couldn't find it. I actually started messing around with the /spawnitem command until I actually got it.
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
      It's crafted at a Foraging Table or its upgrades
  5. jacpre
    Version: 0.5e
    cool, but what about making food rations, like military food or astronaut food
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
      I could do something like that. I don't really want to make sprites for them, though D: and I think nutrient/protein bars are part of soldiers and astronauts food supplies! :D