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Outdated NuclearBound 5.1

Nuclear Enrichment never looked so good!

  1. ROFLCopter64bit
    This mod expands on the very fun and very dangerous side of fuelling your ship. Adds lots of new things, and new ways to get things! I try to make things as realistic as possible, and keep fuel values to have a fixed price (10 pixels per fuel unit).

    New Nuclear Devices

    Untitled.png Nuclear Refinery
    The place where you craft the nuclear things. There really isn't a better description.

    reactorcore.png Reactor Core
    Doesn't do much, for now is only used in the recipe for the Nuclear Refinery and the Fission Reactor.

    fissionreactor.png Fission Reactor
    DIY never looked so good!
    This complicated piece of backyard junk squeezes as much power as it can out of your nuclear rods! Just follow these E-Z steps:
    1. Get some neutron rods, the amount is depending on which reaction you want to create
    2. React the reactants in the fission reactor to get active rods which are reacting right in your hands, so you better hurry to put them in your fuel hatch before you become part of the reaction too!
    3. Each active rod is 10 fuel units each, so you get heaps of fuel!

    Ever wanted a pet star? Well, we have the closest enough thing! The power of the sun in your back pocket.
    This doesn't do much at the moment (As it is used for the fusion reactor that does nothing) but for now it can fuel 3/4s of your ship (750 fuel units!). How do you make one of these? You use this:
    This is a Supermassive Mass Implosion Device. It massively implodes supermassive things. You stick 1000 kilograms of hydrogen into this device and a baby star is born. But how to do you get hydrogen? You get it by using the new UI with the Fission Reactor! Awesome, right? Right?

    New Nuclear Materials

    Since at the moment Starbound doesn't support more than one output in crafting, for the time being I have introduced a nuclear kind-of currency, nuclear waste.
    Use this in the nuclear refinery to create most nuclear materials (Not many for the time being because I've been busy doing other things), even the new element, Thorium:

    Neptunium Ore + Rod
    neptuniumore.png neptuniumrod.png
    Inbetween Uranium and Plutonium for periodic-tableness and and fuel values. The ore has a fuel value of 5, while the rod has a fuel value of 12 (To make up for the fact you went the long way to make it).
    Thorium Ore + Rod
    thoriumore.png thoriumrod.png
    Thorium can only be produced by using nuclear waste, and will have a particular use in coming times.

    Better other rods
    The other rods' recipes have been moved to the Nuclear Refinery, and also have a fuel value increase!

    Installation instructions:
    1. Place the folder inside the zip in the starbound/mods folder. Not the contents of the folder, the actual folder gets moved.
    2. Follow instructions below on how to actually use this mod.

    How to actually use this mod:
    1. Place 1 uranium ore in a stone furnace, and smelt it to make a Reactor Core.
    2. When you take the Reactor Core out of the furnace, the blueprint for the Nuclear Refinery and Fission Reactor is discovered. The recipe for the Nuclear Refinery is: 15 titanium bars, 500 pixels and 1 Reactor Core.
    3. Craft the Nuclear Refinery with the robotic crafting table.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Spatial_Pioneer
    Version: 5.1
    Doesn't work. I've tried on SEVERAL occasions to get it to work, (Including making it priority) and still nothing. I've asked for help multiple times and no one is listening.

    Willing to fix the rating if someone is willing to prove me wrong.
  2. nick9702
    Version: 4.0
    Nice mod! I finally found a mod that makes the game a bit more difficult.
    Unlike the mods that include 1-2 pixels to craft everything in the game.
    Also, keep up on the Weather+ mod!
  3. etherealblade
    Version: 3.1
    Wow man...this sure does make things much more fun on the fueling side. Thanks for sharing.
  4. bizzy401
    Version: 1.0
    I was going to make something similar, good job!