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NPC Mechs 1.04

Now your crew have their own mech - in space or on planets

  1. LoPhatKao
    NPC Mechs v. 1.04

    Ever wished your crew could hop in their own mech and help cause mayhem...
    on planets?

    in space?

    Now you can!
    Just have crew ready to beam down with you, and press the "Deploy Mech" button
    With version 1.04, you can now setup your crew to your liking
    - Compatible With -
    Mech Mods: Frackin Universe, Mech Overhaul, XS Mechs Modular, Vanilla
    Crew Mods: crew size mods will work - all others untested

    -- Potential Issues --
    Using a teleporter and beaming to the same world with an NPC Mech active *might* crash to ship/title - npc uses a unique ID, trying to spawn another with same ID is bad
    Custom species NPCs may not have Crew Uniform data, and be 'naked'
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SOP31
    Version: 1.04
    very impressive but one complaint: why can i not order the NPC to get out of their mechs, as if to destroy that mech and have them beam down to avoid any complications, this way i could take my crew not only on space stations but to perhaps drop down, clear a landing zone and role play from there,

    all in all a very impressive mod that i always play, you can make it be overpowered but i love the concept of leaving an admin option, i hope to see later updates on this mod, it has been quite a while

    but very impressive, very adaptable and super handy
  2. alex7887
    Version: 1.04
    Очень Хороший мод, но только есть возможный баг.
    Custom "SAIL" Заменяется ванильным.
    У меня установлено много модов, но отключая данный мод всё встаёт на свои места.
  3. oOFAITHOo
    Version: 1.04
  4. LevObolenskii
    Version: 1.04
    it's cool! But how to make more followers?
  5. oOFAITHOo
    Version: 1.02
    Now all I need is an ability to customize my teammates Mech
    1. LoPhatKao
      Author's Response
      wait no more - with version 1.04 you can!
      either use the Quickbar icon, or craft a "NPC Mech Config Pad" in your C crafting
  6. starboom
    Version: 1.02
    Very good, by the way how to increase the number of followers? That looks cooler!
  7. artguk
    Version: 1.02
  8. ShinyBox
    Version: RC2 2019-07-01
    I've been wanting this kind of mod for a while and i'm glad that i've finally found it. Thanks!
  9. rkila709
    Version: RC2 2019-07-01
    lophatkao you've done it again, great job!
  10. Mooncalf99
    Version: RC2 2019-07-01
    Really changes the dynamics of space battles! So much fun! Now I just wish they could disembark their mechs and accompany me into ships and stations.