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NPC Map Locations Mod 2.2.2

Shows NPC locations on map. Uses a more accurate map page for more accurate tracking!

  1. NPC Map Locations 2.2.2

  2. SDV 1.3-Beta Update

    Updated for SDV 1.3-Beta
    Requires SMAPI 2.6-Beta

    Things are still being ironed out with making mods compatible with SDV 1.3-Beta, so if you want a stable experience sticking with SDV 1.2 is recommended. Unless you want to test multiplayer.
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  3. 2.0.1 Update

    • Handle unknown locations (modded custom locations or new locations not already handled by the mod) by skipping that marker.
    • Much needed code refactoring (~640 less lines, smaller file size!)
    • Get proper checks for Marlon/Wizard appearance (they don't show up in the mod menu until the player triggers the events to meet them [spoilers])
    • Minor tweaks to the map (bigger docks, fix stray pixel)
    • For you controller users: Opening the map automatically disables snappy cursor...

    v2.0.0 UPDATE

    Major changes:
    - Completely reworked tracking system (and consequently, a lot of the code) to be accurate for the whole map (more helpful for other mod developers)
    - Now includes a heavily modified map page to be much more accurate to the game world (this took forever)
    - Added translations for localization -- also fixes tool-tip overlay issues

    Minor Changes:
    - Tool-tip placement pulled out of menu; now changed with 'Space' or D-Pad (because menu space is precious)
  5. v.1.4.6 - bug fixes

    Bug fixes:
    • Update for SMAPI 1.6+
    • Fixes "System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added" for custom NPCs
    • Fixes "System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary" for hovered NPCs
    • Properly working Wizard/Sandy/Marlon show options as well as 'show in player's location' option
    SDV Localization Beta (For SMAPI 1.9-Beta):
    • Fixes "System.MissingFieldException: field not found:...
  6. v.1.4.5 - Addresses github update check issue, hardware cursor issue

    • Semantic Versioning
    • Hardware Cursor Fix
    • Github API Update Check Deprecated
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  7. v1.44 Update

    • Pressing the "OK" button or "TAB" with the mod menu open will now only close the mod menu and go back to the map instead of closing out of everything. This was pretty annoying, I'm surprised people haven't complained to me about it.
    • Villagers with custom names will now have their custom names reflected on the map including in the menu, the name tooltip, and the location tooltip. Custom sprite crops can be adjusted in config.json.
    • SMAPI 1.3 supports cross-platform...
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  8. Bug fix patch

    Fixes critical app domain exception: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
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  9. v1.42 Update

    • Updated for SMAPI 1.1
    • Added cross-platform compatibility for Linux and Mac OS X
    • Added version checker that notifies when an update for the mod is available
    • Added option to show hidden NPCs instead of completely hiding them
    Minor Changes
    • Fixed bugs with DictionaryKeyNotFound exception
    • Added NPC markers next to names in mod menu
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  10. Bug fix

    Fixes issue with Method not found: getCharacterFromName
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