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Nova's Lone Wolf Music Pack! ^~^

About 147 songs for all your solo's!

  1. Even more music and organization!

    Everything has been reorganized! So here is the new layout...
    • -CS- Holds all of the Computer game Songs!
    • -NS- Holds all of the Nintendo Songs!
    • -RS- Still holds all of the Random Songs!
    And now you guys have 147 songs! a total of 9 more! Here are the new ones...
    • Nyan Cat 2 ( not counted as new )
    • Portal 2 - just want you gone
    • Mario Kart Double Dash - Rainbow Road
    • Pokemon - Lavender Town ( don't kill yourself now!!!! )
    • Iron Man
    • Law & Order Theme
    • Peanuts ( Charlie Brown )
    • Pink Panther
    • Scooby Doo
    • X - Files ( Don't meme the living daylights out of everyone... please. )
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