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Nostalgic Greenery 1.3-1.02

Everything that's lush, and a little occult stuff too >.>

  1. [Bugfix]

    => The upload here refuses to work >:/ maybe this time.
  2. [Bugfix]

    => Fixed a missing script
  3. [Bugfix]

    ==> Fixed a bug that caused some lights/vines to refuse to change color / rotate when used with the Multi-Tool
  4. [Bugfix]

    ==> Hotfix again :p
  5. [Bugfix]

    => Hotfix for the previous update
  6. [Content Update]

    => The Multi-Tool now has an additional Flashlight
    => A few more smaller objects were added
    => Sideways-facing Waterfalls
  7. [Bugfix]

    => Fixed a crash connected to a misplaced grass-type in the Multi-Tool
  8. [Bugfix]

    => Fixed a bug which caused Energy Regen to stop in the Vanilla Version
  9. [Bugfix]

    > Small fixes to the behaviour of the multi-tool with various grasses.
  10. [Bugfix]

    => The strange visuals of the Trampoline Blocks when connecting with other "pipes" or go sideways are fixed.

    => Bouncyness of the Trampolines restored

    => Various data entries ordered/cleaned up a bit