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Nostalgic Greenery 1.3-1.02

Everything that's lush, and a little occult stuff too >.>

  1. [Content Update]

    => The Gardening Multi-Tool is now significantly more convenient.
    It tills when using Left-Click, and un-tills only when using Left-Click + Shift. That way you can dig seamlessly and quickly, accidents eliminated. The watering stays the same.

    => The GMT is no longer needed to modify decorations - instead, they now have GUIs with buttons to choose their appearance.

    => Added a few more objects: Ice Block Rocks, 2 more types of bushes, 1 more type of flower with the best (purple) color, and a...
  2. [Bugfix]

    => Corrected a typo in the recipe list of the Vanilla Version, which made many recipes invisible.
  3. [Minor FIx]

    Trying something with the upload here.
  4. [Content Update]

    > Cleaned / Sorted / Restructured the mod to be prepared for future updates more conveniently.
    > A few additional pieces: Dark Marble Stone blocks, Dark Metal Fence Blocks, an idle floating Witches' Broom (optionally with a black cat, of course!), a first (experimental) Front Layer version of the Forest Vines, Bloodstains, Silver Candelabras,
    > Gardening Toolbox finally got a proper crafting window.

    NOTICE: A few items may show a red exclamation mark !...
  5. [Minor Fix]

    => It seems the previous upload refused to register (again) >.<

    => Also, fixed a few typos in the crafting menus.
  6. [Minor FIx]

    => The IDs of the 3 new Blocks (Thick Grass, Trampoline, Trampoline Border) had to be changed one last time, sorry if that caused any to require replacement.

    This won't happen again.
  7. [Content Update]

    => Now includes 6 variants of "Prism Rock" decorations! Crystal Rocks which react to light touching them by refracting it. They come in 12 different colors.
  8. [Bugfix]

    => Maybe this time ._.
  9. [Bugfix]

    => Same ol'
  10. [Bugfix]

    => Aaaaaaand trying again ._.