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Nostalgic Greenery 1.3-1.02

Everything that's lush, and a little occult stuff too >.>

  1. [Content Update]

    => Added 6 object types summing up to a total of 31 new objects, some vanilla, some new.
    (Bio Roots, Lava Bowls, Glowtree, Crystals, Ice Sphere Plants, Bone Signs)

    => Overhauled all the crafting materials to make them more fair. Simple objects are now cheaper, special objects more expensive. Overall the material cost decreased but needs more plant-fibre.
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  2. [Content Update]

    => New Block: Flower Pot - A block which does not merge, but posts single flowerpots suitable for small-sized plants. They do not need to be tilled, but also dont benefit from it.

    => New Block: Garden Fence - It's the same as the Garden Fence deco, but as a Block. That way, you can put it in the background and have plants at the front.
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  3. [Content Update]

    => Now includes 3 new emitters: Rain(Drizzle), Rain(Regular) and Snow(Slow)

    All 3 cover just a bit less than a level2 zoom screen.

    They won't leave any water or snow on the ground, perhaps I will make that an upgrade option (maybe for 1 Teleporter Core)

    The effects stack, but keep in mind a huge amount of particles is a good source of lag.
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  4. [Bugfix]

    => Fixed a typo in the Trampoline Web Block, which caused it to stop being elastic and bouncy.

    (This was NOT the cause of the alleged crashes with the file "NG_tilegroundeffects.lua" in my mod. The typo here was completely harmless, all it did was make the surface non-bouncy.
  5. [Content Update]

    => Changed the Gardening Toolbox GUI to it's final form

    => Added "Gardening Tools Lite" - wall-mounted, lightweight version of the crafting station, with a much smaller crafting window.
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  6. [Content Update]

    => Added 20 types of objects, 113 if you count each of their variants. This includes Grasses, Plants and Rocks

    => Added the "musical geodes" as requested.

    => Changed the Alpine Mist Emitter to the new GUI with options (show button, hide button, animate in front of characters, animate behind characters)

    => All modify-able objects (Adjustable Vines, Festival Lights, Bewitched Broom) now also use the persistent selector in the GUI showing...
  7. [Bugfix]

    => Restored the Full Recipe list - many of you will have been missing recipes. I discovered an overnight bluescreen had eradicated unsaved progress. All recipes in the Screenshots (except the Floromorph) should be available again now.
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  8. [Bugfix]

    => Fixed a Typo in the Waterfall Recipes
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  9. [Content Update]

    => NG Should be prepared for the arrival of Starbound 1.02 now
    => Leftover bugfixes for some of the blocks
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  10. [Content Update]

    => All 56 Waterfalls now got a custom shape, allowing them to "collide" with other objects at their side, or allowing you to "connect" them to each other. Added a demonstrative screenshot in the mod images.

    => The other 3 kinds of Vines are now also available as Front Layer objects.
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