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Nostalgic Greenery 1.3-1.02

Everything that's lush, and a little occult stuff too >.>

  1. [Content Update]

    > Cleaned / Sorted / Restructured the mod to be prepared for future updates more conveniently.
    > A few additional pieces: Dark Marble Stone blocks, Dark Metal Fence Blocks, an idle floating Witches' Broom (optionally with a black cat, of course!), a first (experimental) Front Layer version of the Forest Vines, Bloodstains, Silver Candelabras,
    > Gardening Toolbox finally got a proper crafting window.

    NOTICE: A few items may show a red exclamation mark ! on the Icons. Don't be alarmed, this is harmless and they will work exactly as before. It just means they would remain that way. If you place them once and take take them down again, they will be automatically updated.

    For some objects this *has* to be done to prevent a certain bug. This is a rare case and should not require any effort from your side whatsoever.
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