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Ninja Tools+ (RAM) 1.4

Alter your tools to make them more ninja!

  1. greenRAM
    Ninja Tools+ (RAM)
    Now with extra ninja!

    Instructions: ninjaanvil.png
    1. Buy a Ninja Anvil at the Infinity Express.
    2. Use the Ninja Anvil to alter tools to their ninja versions! *See tools below for all the tools implemented so far.

    List of completed ninja climbing tools:

    Ninja Rope: ninjarope.png
    +Adds an elasticity effect! Adds some damage output and weak poison effect. Drops a Ninja Rope upon rope break.
    -Decreases throw distance.
    Recipe: 1 fabric, 1 poison, 1 rope

    Ninja Grappling Hook: ninjagrapplehookbig.png
    +Adds an elasticity effect! Add some damage output and weak poison effect to target. One handed.
    -Decreases shoot distance.
    Recipe: 1 Ninja Rope, 1 Grappling Hook

    List of completed ninja utility tools:

    Ninja Bug Net: ninjabugnetbig.png
    +Adds a strong knock back and a weak poison effect. One handed. Allows aimed swings.
    -Decreases swing speed.
    Recipe: 1 Bug Net, 1 Poison, 5 Volatile Powders, 1 Ninja Rope

    Ninja Relocator: NR.png
    +Adds an additional 3 captures, up to 6 in all.
    -Decreases firing distance.
    Recipe: 2 Relocators, 1 Ninja Rope

    Ninja Relocator Triple: NR2.png
    +Adds an additional 3 captures to the Ninja Relocator, up to 9 in all.
    -Decreases firing distance again.
    Recipe: 1 Ninja Relocator, 1 Ninja Rope

    List of completed ninja throwing tools:

    Ninja Bomb: ninjabomb.png
    +Adds additional blast radius and a Molotov fire spread. Drops a Ninja Bomb upon detonation.
    -Decreases throw distance to zero. It's dropped instead of thrown. Drop and run!
    Recipe: 2 Bombs, 1 Molotov, 1 Ninja Rope

    List of completed ninja Mining tools:

    Drills: Ninja Copper Drill, Ninja Diamond Drill, Ninja Gold Drill, Ninja Platinum Drill, Ninja Silver Drill
    +Drills that are bound in ninja rope. They're faster and stronger. One handed.
    -They have a smaller drilling radius.
    Recipe: Either 1 of the ninja or the standard drill, 1 Ninja Climbing Rope, 1 of the Drill's corresponding bar or compound

    Pickaxes: Ninja Copper Pickaxe, Ninja Diamond Pickaxe, Ninja Pickaxe, Ninja Platinum Pickaxe, Ninja Silver Pickaxe, Ninja Gold Pickaxe,
    +Pickaxes that are bound in ninja rope. One handed. Swing faster and harder.
    -Less mining radius.
    Recipe: Either 1 of the ninja or the standard pickaxe, 1 Ninja Climbing Rope, 1 of the pickaxe's corresponding bar or compound

    Future plans: Just keep adding more items. The rules I've set for myself with this project is that I can only add new version of items if they're not necessarily better then the original item, just changed somehow. Using any of these items should have noticeable benefits and drawbacks. I may have to go back and work on the balance for some of these. User feedback is always welcome.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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