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Nightmare's Tool Retextures 3.2

Retextures of Tools, Alternative Iridium Tools Retextures

  1. Tools Retextured - Now includes recolored watering cans and slight shading edits to axes

    *Updated 4/17/2016*
    -Recolored watering cans to match retextured tools and their color scheme. (Couldn't come up with a better retexture for it)
    -Added darker shading to edge of axes for when they're in your inventory (A little better, doesn't blend in so much)
    -Messed with shading on side view, when swinging axe and it's in full arch, where it doesn't look so bloated/fat/stung by bees

    (Don't mind the slight white outline, they don't appear in-game. Just on enlarged shot of watering can examples)
    It's a bit better, at least for the axes that aren't gold or copper. (I'd like to eventually change up the color scheme on the interface)
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