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New Stars with mini-Biomes themed Planets (Tiers 7 to 10) 1.24

Makes all mini-biomes appear as planets to explore in the universe

  1. Bugfix

    - Fixed an error with a spawntype on rusty industry planets.
    - Added iron chests with loot from steamspring biome to rusty industry planets (as steamspring mini-biome lacks such chests outside of pre-made minidungeons structures)
  2. Spawntypes update and other tweaks

    This update fixes the names for the spawntypes, which should make the mode compatible with frackin universe. However you'll need to travel far from the systems you already visited and explore new planets because the old ones will still use the older names which will no longer work.

    - Added Rubium Ore to heck planets. Blueprints for doom furniture can be found in the heck chests to craft the items with an industrial workbench.
    - Restaured huge biped monsters from the beta. They can rarely...
  3. Monsters and small terraforming update

    Small changes done to the mod
    - Lowered the terraformation cost to 150 essence for 1000 sectors. No problem at grinding for terraformers anymore ! (this applies everywhere)
    - Added 5 unused monsters to 5 planets.
    - Made aggressive large flying monsters aggressive the way they should. (this applies everywhere)
    - Each modded planet now spawns 2 variants of large flying monsters. One is passive, the other is aggressive.
    - Added ice crystals into the recipes for icy planets terraformers (they...
  4. Small fixes

    Fixes an issue with the Death debuff by removing it. Was a bad idea of my own.
    Excludes all the new planets from the bounty quest generation.
  5. Terraforming + sequence update

    A new update introducting a new planet and Terraformers. You can now craft Terraformers with a Terraforge (by using materials found on the new planets) to transform the planets into the new biomes.

    Added a new planet named "Rocky Quarry" which combines underground stone caves with underground luminous caves.

    From this version, you must craft an EPP (by using a replicator) to explore the new planets or you will die. This is used to prevent sequence break : Players must get through tier 6...
  6. Welcome to Heck !

    A new update for my mod that focuses on even more exploration.

    A new planet will appear near Radiant stars featuring the old forgotten Heck biome. New unused and beta items have been added back on most planets in the form of new chests to loot, trees to chop and the return of an old popular crop to farm. Have fun !

    - Welcome to Heck ! New beta biome restored with several of its elements : Chest, altar, pillars, meatchunks, breakables.
    • Heck chests...