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New Stars with mini-Biomes themed Planets (Tiers 7 to 10) 1.24

Makes all mini-biomes appear as planets to explore in the universe

  1. Terraforming + sequence update

    A new update introducting a new planet and Terraformers. You can now craft Terraformers with a Terraforge (by using materials found on the new planets) to transform the planets into the new biomes.

    Added a new planet named "Rocky Quarry" which combines underground stone caves with underground luminous caves.

    From this version, you must craft an EPP (by using a replicator) to explore the new planets or you will die. This is used to prevent sequence break : Players must get through tier 6 before going further. Pick up / craft a Solarium Star to unlock the recipe.

    - Added a fatal death debuff on all planets excluding impervious. Players must get through tier 6 to craft an EPP before exploring the new planets.
    (Added to prevent sequence break)
    - New planets added ! Rocky Quarry planets mixing stone caves with luminous caves.
    - Terraformers added for all biomes. Terraform your previous planets with the new biomes !
    - Fossils added to skeletal planets.
    - Blueprint blobs found on Jellymorphed planets now drop Cell Materia used to craft the corresponding terraformer.

    This will probably be the final update that improves the mod and brings new content. I will still maintain the mod or follow suggestions that are possible to make


    1. Rockplanet.png
    2. Terraformers.png
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