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New Stars with mini-Biomes themed Planets (Tiers 7 to 10) 1.24

Makes all mini-biomes appear as planets to explore in the universe

  1. Welcome to Heck !

    A new update for my mod that focuses on even more exploration.

    A new planet will appear near Radiant stars featuring the old forgotten Heck biome. New unused and beta items have been added back on most planets in the form of new chests to loot, trees to chop and the return of an old popular crop to farm. Have fun !

    - Welcome to Heck ! New beta biome restored with several of its elements : Chest, altar, pillars, meatchunks, breakables.
    • Heck chests contain brain blocks, meat, Heartstring bow, some bones vanity, heck chest recipe and doom furniture.
    • You can cook meatchunks and eat them for a nice regen buff. They last 9 hours before rotting.

    - Parallax redone for Flesh Cell planets.
    - Renamed "Geodes" into "Crystal Crush".
    - Small parallax edits on Industrial, Crystal Crush, oasis and colorful deserts planets. Added unused tiles images under the dividers.
    - Added crystal ore, chests, bushes and flowers to Crystal Crush planets. Crystal ore shows on the navigation console and is spotted with the ore detector.
    - Added swordstone seeds back into mountain chain planets.

    - Added new treasure chests to loot
    •Rust chests on rusty industry planets containing unused rust items.
    •Rainbow wood chests on colorful desert planets containing unused rainbow wood items.
    •Ice sphere chests on prismatic and luminous planets containing unused ice themed items.
    •Small overgrown chests on mushroom forests, bug hives and mangrove planets containing unused flora items.
    • Medieval chests with unused sharp furniture on heck and skeletal planets.
    • Decayed chests with unused wreck furniture on jellymorphed and oil ocean planets.
    • Gun chests on oasis deserts, occular and mountain chains containing unused tech items.

    - Added unused tree stems and foliages to several planets.
    • Icepine tree foliages to mountain chains planets.
    • Crystalline trees to Crystal Crush planets.
    • Metal stems + brains foliage and rustflower foliage to rust trees in Rusty Industry planets.
    • Whitepetals foliage to giantflowers trees in Soothing Blossom planets.
    • Barren, old, stripey, savannahgloomy and savannahbleak stems with autumny, patchy, thorns, weirdly, willowy and piney foliages to Skeletal planets.
    • Snowbrains foliage to luminous planets.
    • Alienweird trees to Occular planets.
    • Baobab trees have a small chance to spawn on Skeletal planets.
    • Dead trees have a small chance to spawn on Bug Hive planets.

    - Removed "nitroglycerine" status from Crystal Crush planets as it doesn't work well.
    - Renamed "Bug hive" into "Bug Hive" in cockpit.config + fixed other misstypings.
    - Tar chests on Oil Ocean floor contain loot from tar underground biome instead of surface tar biome.
    - Flower blossom weather projectiles are made invisible.

    Uninstalling this version of the mod will be sightly harder than the previous one.
    - Move your ship on a normal vanilla star. Mine all trees from your ship and important planets that are Crystalline, Alienweird and Whitepetals giant flowers.

    - Remove (mine) from your important planets and ship all placed objects related to heck biome (Placed heck chests, pillars, altars and breakables).

    - Remove all the swordstone seeds you planted on your ship and important planets.
    - Any item placed in inventory and storage that came with the mod will turn into a perfectly generic item after uninstalling. This includes :
    • Saplings got from crystalline trees and whitepetals foliage giant flowers.
    • All heck biome related items excluding flesh pile and food that isn't meatchunks.
    • Swordstone seeds.
    Other items such as saplings from other trees or anything found in the new chests (excluding heck chests) will be safe to keep.


    1. Heck Day.png
    2. Swordstone + icepine.png
    3. Meat Chunks.png
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