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Outdated New Horizon 0.2g

Planet modifiers, research trees, biome-specific monsters and much more

  1. its_kal
    Starbound: New Horizon


    New Horizon is a mod designed to add many new features to Starbound. The mod expands on existing features with a huge variety of planets, monsters and crafting options. New Horizon also adds completely new features - such as a research system where players can unlock new items as they progress through the game.


    You may need to run the mod in OpenGL mode at the moment (this should fix the texelOffset error)

    Place the folder into your mods folder to install.

    Note that this is a very early version and the mod is not well balanced yet, and there may be some bugs with the new features. This release is mostly intended to let people play with what we've done so far, so we can get feedback on it.

    You need to start a new character to play the mod.

    Please leave your feedback! Thanks!

    Mini Research Guide

    At this stage, the mod isn't very clear in how to perform research and access the new crafting options.

    When you spawn, you'll get a free Research Computer: you can place the screen and use it to open a research menu.

    From there, you can research new things. The first two pieces of research are obtainable just from normal items, but after that you'll need to get the Lab Equipment research in order to build a Microscope, Test Tubes or Prototype Bench.

    From then on, you have to discover new techs by putting things into the research equipment you've made. As an example, try using a Copper Pickaxe on the Prototype Bench. Doing this will give you Research reports which unlock new items and objects.

    It might be very hard to discover the remaining research in the current version and we hope to make it much clearer in the future.


    New crafting objects!

    Planet variety!


    Planetary Modifiers

    Each planet now has a number of modifiers, drastically changing it’s properties. From copper-rich forests to lifeless, metallic deserts, you’ll have to prepare yourself for each trip and scout around to find the planets that have what you need - without them being too much for you to handle. Modifiers can change properties of a planet, from the creatures that spawn there to the ores it contains. There are currently more than 450 possible planets!

    For example, some planets are Volcanic, meaning they'll be much hotter and covered in lava. But in return, they'll be much richer in ores.

    Or some planets are Dangerous and covered with tough and damaging monsters.

    They're not all bad though: some planets have cores that are rich in a mineral - dig down to get as much as you need!

    Plus, the modifiers can stack together creating even more possibilities. Don't try surviving on a dark frozen arctic without protective gear (even if it has a diamond core)
    Changed monster spawning

    We’ve changed the way monster spawning works, enabling us to choose exactly which creatures spawn on each planet. This allows for interesting varieties of monsters which differ from planet to planet - with different stats, appearances, drops and behaviours.

    This ties in with the planetary modifier system to have modifiers which change the creatures on each individual planet
    Research system

    Uncover new technologies! Start from nothing and perform research to expand your options. Construct laboratories and perform research on things you find in the world to get valuable reports and unlock new items.

    Players can experiment with random combinations to try and find hidden research or work together to discover the whole research tree. At first simple items will provide you with results, but as the research gets harder and harder expeditions to dangerous planets will become necessary.

    The research system is extendible, allowing other mod makers to easily add their own research and science upgrades to the system.
    Changed crafting system

    Crafting has been reworked to add many more crafting stations, each unlocked through the tech tree. Progression should be more constant and more rewarding, with many new and unique items to unlock.
    Enhanced base building

    With so many research and crafting stations, you’ll now have a more pressing need to settle down into a planet (but you should find one with good modifiers first, unless you want it to rain lava).

    New mining tools, from chisels to ore scanners.

    Find ancient artefacts scattered across the universe in order to unlock secret technologies.

    Open world exploration. All planets are accessible from the start to enable players to play however they like (but don’t be surprised when you get crushed by the giant creatures roaming a fertile, carbon-rich forest if you don't prepare yourself)
    Planned Features

    As part of improving the planet system, we'd really like to add a system where it would cost much less fuel to jump between nearby star systems. This would not only focus the player, but also add to the value of planet scanning systems.

    Hazardous environment system, with different forms of protection for different planets. This will form a major part of the difficulty curve throughout progression.

    New interactive objects, giving players the ability to be creative, diverse and unique in their base and ship design. Unlock useful objects through research in your lab.

    Scanning system. Perform research and build scanning stations in order to discover the modifiers of planets around you (and hunt for secrets hidden there!). Once you’ve arrived on a new planet and cleared away some of the wildlife, construct some local scanners to find nearby ore deposits and hidden treasure.

    Xenobiology system. Gotta catch’em all. Unlock new techs and crafting options by researching the DNA of fallen enemies. We can vary drops by planet and by modifier, so players will have to travel to dangerous and inhospitable planets in order to unlock the rarest research.

    More planet modifiers! We’re only able to modify some properties of planets at the moment, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to do lots more things.​

Recent Reviews

  1. Baleur
    Version: 0.2g
    Very sad that the mod is essentially dead.
  2. omagaalpha
    Version: 0.2g
    When mod installed the game crash and error I get has happen to other from month ago. So cool concept but can't played it :(
  3. killerkrab
    Version: 0.2g
    This mod looks very good but it crashes every time I start up the game. Even in OpenGL mode.
  4. Sir Bananington
    Sir Bananington
    Version: 0.2g
    Very interesting idiea, but have you thought of making a codex entry that tells you what to do? I found myself not understanding what to do quite early on.
  5. Viggo2443
    Version: 0.2g
    How do you find higer tier planets with diamond, gold core or soil plz help!
  6. DaveDnasty
    Version: 0.2g
    Game becomes unplayable in OpenGL mode, which is required to use this mod.
  7. danman70000
    Version: 0.2g
    good ideas looking forward till it becomes less alpha like
  8. DragonBornTerraria
    Version: 0.2g
  9. Sinistrem
    Version: 0.2g
    Love the diversity of the planets. Though is it just me or the game becomes too easy because of abudance of ores? Its almost frustrating to see so much ore, am i doing it wrong?
  10. Pigfish
    Version: 0.2g
    I literally whimpered with desire upon landing on a metallic planet. Just. So much ore....