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New Biome Music (Outdated!) 5/12/16

Changes biome music so that it'll fit in better with the biomes (and re-enables battle music).

  1. 5 Music Tracks that I didn't have previously were added!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    The following music tracks were added to the playlists of the New Biome Music Extras mod:

    Forsaken Grotto
    Scorian Flow
    Stellar Acclimation
    The Apex

    Apparently, they were so obscure that they were never even included within the Starbound OST that I received as a preorder bonus, even though I've been hearing them in a few official Starbound videos. However, they should be easy to find when searching for them on YouTube.
  2. Atmosphere biome now has a music playlist.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Granted, it's currently just the same as the Moon and Asteroid Field biomes, but it's something that modders and players alike should be able to take advantage of thanks to the new (though optional) Missing Biome Music Fixer mod that now comes bundled with these mods.
  3. Now with more cross-mod-compatability!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    This mod has just undergone a serious makeover! It should now be more compatable with any other mod that likewise adds or changes the game's music (though it's still not guaranteed).
  4. Moved this mod to a new section of the mod repository.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Sorry about the deletion of the previous version of the mod, but I wanted to move it here in the Planets and Environments section, which I believe is the most fitting section for this mod.

    Anyways, I've finally updated the mod to include the new Midnight biome, as well as the new Challenge Rooms.