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New Biome Music (Outdated!) 5/12/16

Changes biome music so that it'll fit in better with the biomes (and re-enables battle music).

  1. Shadow Wolf TJC
    This mod changes the biome music so that it fits in closer to the biome's theme (at least what I personally feel it should be like). It makes use of several music tracks that weren't being used, including Desert Exploration 1 and 2, I Was The Sun, Casiopeia, The Deep, and even a few battle themes.

    Moreover, with help from the No Biome Music mod (which has been bundled with the mod), the New Biome Music mod re-enables the ability for battle music to play whenever the player is in battle with an opposing monster!

    Note: the download comes with the main mod, a couple utility mods that will be needed in order to run it, and an extra mod. The New Biome Music mod only uses the music tracks that were included within the game. However, in order to use it, you'll also need to run the No Biome Music mod (which should be bundled within this mod pack, or can be found here), since it's structured so that, after the No Biome Music mod clears the music playlists of every biome in the game, the New Biome Music mod will repopulate the music playlists with a brand new selection of music tracks.

    Meanwhile, the New Biome Music Extras mod makes use of a number of music tracks that are found in the official Starbound soundtrack (which was included as a pre-order bonus), including Glacial Horizon, Ultramarine, Via Aurora, and Forest Battle 2. Although it doesn't have any strict mod requirements, If you wish to use the New Biome Music Extras mod, you'll need to convert the tracks into a .ogg format (using a program such as Audacity), and add them into a mod (doesn't matter whether it's this mod or a different one) under <yourmodname>\music, since that's where the mod will search for the new music tracks.

    List of tracks that the New Biome Music Extras mod uses:
    Drosera - drosera.ogg
    Forest Battle 1 - forest-battle1.ogg
    Forest Battle 2 - forest-battle2.ogg
    Forest Exploration 1 - forest-exploration1.ogg
    Forest Exploration 2 - forest-exploration2.ogg
    Forsaken Grotto - forsaken-grotto.ogg
    Glacial Horizon - glacial-horizon.ogg
    Ocean Exploration 1 - ocean-exploration1.ogg
    Scorian Flow - scorial-flow.ogg
    Stellar Acclimation - stellar-acclimation.ogg
    Tentacle Exploration 2 - tentacle-exploration2.ogg
    The Apex - the-apex.ogg
    Ultramarine - ultramarine.ogg
    Via Aurora - via-aurora.ogg

    Note: Since this is a mod that replaces music playlists instead of adding to them, it may be incompatable with mods that either add tracks to music playlists or likewise replace them. The only known exception is if these other mods listed the No Biome Music mod as either "included" or "required", like what my New Biome Music mod, my New Biome Music Extras mod, and my Kevin MacLeod Music Pack mod does.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.