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Nerf Guns 1.4

Those dart shooting guns are now in Starbound!

  1. The Rival Update

    This update adds all the current rival guns to the mod.

    Adds the rest of the rival guns to the red, blue and the newly added phantom teams.

    • Updated sprites for old rival guns
    • New Rival Phantom series
    • More guns for Red and Blue teams.
    Working on:
    • Separate crafting table
    • Oddball guns/melee update
  2. No More Admin Mode! + Texture Update

    I have finally gotten the nerf guns to look better and to be able to craft them without admin mode.
  3. 2 New Guns

    Just 2 new guns. I've added the Rayven CS-18 and the Alien Menace Incisor.
  4. Steam fixes

    I forgot to update what appears when you press the gear in steam workshop. Other than that nothing has been added.
  5. Rival Series

    This update adds the Rival series to Nerf Guns. It includes the Zeus, Nemesis and Atlas.