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Nerf Guns 1.6.1

Those dart shooting guns are now in Starbound!

  1. Fixes

    Color, dps, energy usage, and color
  2. Mega, Zombiestrike and Accuseries

    This was a fun mod to make with all the new guns being added, some weapons may be overpowered or too weak. Please put a comment on what you want me to fix, I am always taking weapon requests so don't fear to have a weapon added.
  3. Quick Typo

    While working on 1.6 I noticed a typo with the RaptorStrike calling it the RapidStrike.
  4. Even More Bug Fixes

    So, I went through and changed a lot of data. Nerfed and Boosted Energy, Damage, and speed in a lot of guns.

    The update changelog can be seen here. https://pastebin.com/8uNs8u8C
  5. Some fixes

    Went through all the guns and noticed the the Infinis wasn't showing. Fixed that
    Nerfed the Mega Mastodon's firing speed. Was going a little too fast for my liking.
    Fixed the Heavily Modded Strife's name to Heavily Modded Stryfe. Also testing out no muzzle flash with the Modded Stryfe.
  6. The Crafting Update

    After a very long time which is normal for this mod. Nerf Guns 1.5 is finally out.

    What does this update include?
    • A vending machine that you can buy all Nerf Guns from. No more cluttering up the anvil weapons tab!
    • More weapons (Stryfe, Titan-50, Doominator, Ravager, And More!)
    • Also updated the main image
    • That's about it
    Big thanks to PvtSkittles for his Vending Machine Template. That's was great help making this update....
  7. The Rival Update

    This update adds all the current rival guns to the mod.

    Adds the rest of the rival guns to the red, blue and the newly added phantom teams.

    • Updated sprites for old rival guns
    • New Rival Phantom series
    • More guns for Red and Blue teams.
    Working on:
    • Separate crafting table
    • Oddball guns/melee update
  8. No More Admin Mode! + Texture Update

    I have finally gotten the nerf guns to look better and to be able to craft them without admin mode.
  9. 2 New Guns

    Just 2 new guns. I've added the Rayven CS-18 and the Alien Menace Incisor.
  10. Steam fixes

    I forgot to update what appears when you press the gear in steam workshop. Other than that nothing has been added.