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Outdated Nephilim Race 5.2

Add nephilim from darksiders + more

  1. Squaff
    This adds the Nephilim to the game. The Nephilim are based on darksiders, history, and and biblical text and I took a bit from wherever needed to make this.

    This Mod uses chocobo.lua, created by Crystan and Dragonith, with permission. Assets pertaining to Crystan and Dragonith's work may not be altered or reused.
    For other mounts see parent mod: Chocobo Mounts

    ~Broadswords, Hammers, and Guns based on/from Darksiders 1+2
    ~Scythes and Whips added as well and made into their own weapon types
    ~souls added to the game. Souls can be gathered with scythes
    ~Vulgrim is a buyable item in the game. can be purchased anytime from the crafting screen and placed down to become a retailer of sorts.
    ~Hat stands and Hat sellers
    ~Hylotle added to prison and castle dungeons. Done so because I needed to provide a way to harvest their souls.
    ~Generic Nephilim dungeons
    ~armors made based on darksiders 1+2
    ~Suit based on first doctor(doctor who)
    ~2 suits and 1 hat based on the attire worn by Randy Savage
    ~Suit worn by Locke(ff6) in concept art
    ~Horses Mounts (3 so far. 1 at engine2 via vulgrimm. 2nd at lvl34 via vulgrimm. 3 is final tier) (Needs to be fixed, but included in the pack)
    beta.png update1.png update2.png

    Video by: Starbrethren

    Video by: KoLS-crew Duke Diode Not the same quality as "Kmo"'s video, but it made me smile. Not to people who feature my mod. Tell me, and I'll feature your video. As long as it's 'pg' in nature.

    If you have any problems with the mod, give me information on the problem and I will try to fix it for the next release. If the problem should occur on a certain planet, give me the coordinates and I will test it out myself. This must only pertain to my mod, nothing else.

    This mod is a part of the Free Universe server. Free Universe can be found here: http://www.myfu.net/

    SweFox has a password protected server. message this thread to join: SpaceFox

    StarDenizen is a roleplay server.
    StarMania is a french server.

    Other Mods:

    Use "Another Character Creation Menu" mod by Motionless found HERE

    This Race is now a part of the Racial Crossover mod.

    You can download a standalone version at StarboundNexus


    Thanks to Kawa for some early on help converting to the first update after this mod was made.

    Thanks to teihoo for fixing/pointing out problems with the coding in the mod. With his help, all interactable items now function as they used to. He also fixed the Nephilim Guard script and a sound problem with the horse mounts.

    Thanks to RickyTheFish I was able to test out one of the four dungeons. If anyone else finds the other three, I would like to know about them. here is 1 nephilim and 2 hylotl left.

    Thanks to OhGreat (assessment made by Devis) for help with fixing the mod issue with the Enraged Koala update.

    Thanks to cheezemaniac for adding categories to materials.

    Would appreciate being sent a message if you use this in a compilation pack or in a video. A link back to this mod for those who wish to download it would be nice as well.

    Just extract the "nephilim" folder into your mods folder and it should work.

    Articles that mention the Nephilim Race: Cinemablend, TechnologyTell

    Any work not containing a permissions txt document can be altered by anyone for their own mods and modpacks. Credit for any derivative work is appreciated, but not necessary.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


    1. 2014-01-09 09_17_31-Starbound - Beta.png
    2. Rapidashes.png
    3. Back Yonder.png
    4. despair.png
    5. despair.gif
    6. despair.png

Recent Updates

  1. quickfix
  2. A ton of fixes and new stuff
  3. Giraffe update

Recent Reviews

  1. Wolfbane948
    Version: 5.2
    Its cool but i cant spawn vulgrim without being forced back into my ship or main menu.
  2. wataritsuki
    Version: 5.2
    It's an ambitious mod! fun to play, it's like playing a new game! funnier and deeper with character improvement.
  3. Ciora80
    Version: 5.1
    Love the new changes!
  4. TesserakT
    Version: 5.0
    The content seems to be well thought out, and implemented nicely... However, I seem to be stuck on "Collect your matter manipulator" quest, and when I get core fragments for the ship, it adds another room, breaking my ship to where I can no longer access anything other than the storage.
    1. Squaff
      Author's Response
      That quest is from the old version of starbound and I'll remove it soon. The ship upgrade bit was added in the newest version of starbound and is not a function I have much control over. The only thing persistent in your ship is your ship locker, so before each upgrade, store everything you wish to keep there.
  5. legal1ze
    Version: 5.0
    must have
  6. PLX0073
    Version: 4.1.6
    Best races mod i have ever seen
  7. alice551
    Version: 4.1.6
    Butt Peterson says "BEETLATASTIC"
  8. riptoman
    Version: 4.1.6
    This mod is amazing not only the race itself but the integration , a beautiful custom ship, npcs and of course the weapons and mounts. also is there a possible chance of an ebs model for the female coming in the future?
    1. Squaff
      Author's Response
      you'll have to explain ebs model to me.
  9. TheSovietFox
    Version: 4.1.6
    Loooooooove this mod. Sadly i cant find any nephilim to kill, i have been using the scythe to kill a entire village of apex. am i doing something wrong. i cant seem to collect souls of the other races. And i wouldnt know where to get hyotl souls. granted this is my FAVORITE mod, i stopped playing starbound for forever. found this and fell in love again.
    1. Squaff
      Author's Response
      Thanks to the way Starbound is made, I could only attach souls to hostile NPCS. Now, I could go through and rework every single NPC in the game, but this lazy way adds a bit to the story. See, you can only gain the souls of enemies you're suppose to kill, as if the council is watching. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. TehBeaker
    Version: 4.1.6
    great mod! got some souls idk wat to do with and how do u get horses i already had the chocobo mount mod installed but still i don't know how to get horses
    1. Squaff
      Author's Response
      Beat 3+ bosses and the first one should show up in Vulgrim's shop. Also, craft Vulgrim. You use him to spend your souls.