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Nekify 0.81.2+

Something cute happened to Starbound's races!

  1. HyperJuni
    This may contain some nudity, so be aware of it before you undress your characters.
    This is a texture replacement for existing races, which doesn't add any new ones.
    If you're looking to add a race that looks like this, try the Neki species :3

    • Animated ears and tails for Floran, Human and Novakid females
    • Animated and anatomically-detailed body textures
    • A redesigned Apex female body style
    • Animated tails for the Apex
    • A (subjectively) cuter sitting pose for all races
    • Cutebound-based hairstyles, faces and emotes
    • Cutebound-based Avian changes, with tweaks to better differentiate genders
    • Cutebound-based Glitch and Hylotl changes, for the sake of consistency
    • A few sets of simple clothes, including an invisible fabric set
    • Two pairs of animated craftable endgame wings!
    • The items were made impossible to obtain by players in order to:
      • Not affect existing savegames
      • Make the mod client-side

    A big part of the hair/body changes are based on Cutebound, with the original author's grace.
    I highly recommend using the two mods side-by-side for maximum cuteness! ^-^
    Get Cutebound here: Make the universe a cuter place

    I've made this mod simply because I couldn't find an ears/tails mod that looked good enough to me (or had proper animations) and a detailed body mod that wasn't overly-sexualized - so I ended up making my own.

    NekifyItems - The the custom clothes and overpowered wings from Nekify (not client-side!)
    NekifyNovaBrands - Gives the Novakid their vanilla brands back

    (The download already includes all of these)
    NekifyApex - A unique reskin of the Apex species
    NekifyAvian - A reskin of the Avian species based on Cutebound
    NekifyFloran - The Floran species, nekified (female only)
    NekifyHuman - The Human species, nekified (female only)
    NekifyNovakid - The Novakid species, nekified (female only)
    NekiSit - Neki/Nekify's custom sitting pose

    Steam version:
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Updates

  1. 0.81.2+
  2. 0.81.1
  3. 0.8

Recent Reviews

  1. faennia
    Version: 0.81.1
    Pretty nice mod!
  2. Hatefulpeace
    Version: 0.81.1
    Very nice work, and thank you for putting it here for GOG users, since now Steam blocks people from downloading mods:(
  3. Astralaria5271
    Version: 0.81.1
    Awesome work, and so much room for customization!
  4. RoseEvelyn
    Version: 0.76
    Super cute, and absolutely ADORABLE! I love this mod, and I really do love how the ears move when you run/walk. 10/10 would recommend to my friends! :D
  5. RickyZen
    Version: 0.72
    this takes Cutebound to the level where humans decided to make anime stuff becomes real. and it does great job at it.

    i've tested it with FU, Saturnian, and Avali and many more races and works well, but they aren't affected by this mod so not a big deal.

    overall, good mod to try if you want some cuteness to the game.