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Neki 0.52

One cat just leads to another.

  1. HyperJuni
    This may contain some nudity by default, so please be aware of that in advance.
    To make Neki more SFW (like the screenshots), install NekiSFW (included).

    Neki started appearing exclusively on Earth, causing a wide range of reactions - from passionate attraction to downright repugnance - but as their presence grew, they became as familiar as street cats are to most humans. Unlike cats however, Neki are remarkably sapient, being craftier and more resourceful than most of their human counterparts. This earned them, on one hand, strong resentment by some, but on the other - high regard among others and admission to numerous respectable and fundamental human institutions.
    One such body is the Terrene Protectorate Academy.

    You are one of the Neki.
    Your memories prior to your enrollment into the Academy seem vague at best.
    A feeling that there's more to your life than you are aware of, constantly haunts you.

    Opinions vary, but it is most widely believed that the Neki (pronounced "neh-kee") are the brainchild of a renowned and eccentric, if somewhat deranged, entrepreneur of old. Their virtually limitless resources allowed for an extensive research program which employed the brightest scientific minds of a generation and would go on well beyond their own lifetime; its' findings, however, remained largely unpublished. The project was later abruptly overtaken by the U.S.C.M, vanishing from the public eye practically overnight - with evidence of corporate espionage resulting in the Miniknog acquiring large swathes of it surfacing not long after.

    The Neki have a playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious mentality, being driven by discovering more ways to play, things to eat and places to sleep. They stand out among humans, for better or worse, having large ears, tails and lush fur in a variety of colors covering their bodies.

    The fragile Avians and Hylotl, being constantly menaced by the Neki's inexplicable tendency to smell, lick and often playfully tackle and bite them without warning, are justifiably wary.
    The Glitch, being perceived by the Neki as large animated toys for the most part, find them largely harmless and amusing, if somewhat irritating at times.
    The Florans enjoy the rowdy nature of the Neki, with the occasional ruckus providing them with much-needed breaks from having to adhere to social norms devoid of casual violence.
    And the Apex? Well...

    Neki requires a character extender such as xbawks.

    • The Neki species, with:
      • A custom sitting pose¹
      • Animated ears, tails and body
      • Over 200 manually adapted haircuts
      • Body, hair, fur and eye/accessory colors
      • Hurt and death sounds
      • Re-spawn animation
    • Starter Codex hint
    • Neki Codex tab
    • Custom Tech Station images
    • Custom Storyline quest dialogues²
    • Custom cat puns Neki dialogue (WIP)
    • Unique descriptions for many items (WIP)
    • A Neki Pod. You only get one, so don't lose it
    • Neki-only craftable items³:
      • 3 sets of custom chest+legs cosmetic items
      • 2 pairs of powerful endgame back items (wings)
    • Neki Codex entries
    • More NPC dialogues
    • More Neki item descriptions
    • Neki S.A.I.L (I need help..)
    • More custom armors, clothes and weapons
    • Dungeons, NPC Ships and encounters
    • Custom quests (eventually)
    • Neki furniture (maybe)
    If anyone wishes to help or contribute, please contact me on Discord :3

    1. Sleeves appear misaligned while sitting, since I found no way to change it per species. Workarounds:
    • Install NekiSit (included) to fix it, but also apply the sitting pose to all other races;
    • Install NekiNoSit (included) to revert the Neki to the default sitting pose;
    • DO NOT install both NekiSit and NekiNoSit, it will cause issues;
    • Use the Invisible Fabric clothes as cosmetic items.
    2. Tonauac and the Baron don't use race-specific dialogue, which seems to be a vanilla bug. Workaround:
    • Install NekiText (included) to fix it, but also apply their dialogue to all other races.
    3. If you have Nekify installed, please note that:
    • "Neki's.." - items from the Neki race mod
    • "Neki.." - items from the Nekify mod



    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. charfem.png
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    5. nekiscr2.png
    6. nekiscr3.png
    7. nekiscr4.png
    8. neki_scr8.png
    9. neki_scr9.png

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