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Outdated Naruto World Mod 2.70

Play as 1 of more than 25 characters, with new weapons and attacks! Top 20 Mods! Thanks Everyone!

  1. dcsk8erboy
    Seems like this mod isn't compatible with the Upbeat Giraffe UPDATE. I'll have to look into it. Sorry!!

    Naruto Expansion Pack Mod can be found here: Naruto Expansion Pack Mod

    Future Changes:
    -I haven't been updating as much because I've been working on a new Naruto mod UPDATE. I'm not sure if I'll make it a stand alone mod or add it to the expansion pack, but, pretty much it's a mod where you play as Naruto as a "species", and you have quests that are unique to Naruto's storyline directly from the anime.
    I still have a long ways to go, but I have it finished up until tier 2.
    Let me know what you think about that
    And feel free to review!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ^^ Thanks jorj1388









    Play as your favorite Naruto Character!

    - Craft a Ninja Crafting Table to craft special weapons and moves!
    - Then craft a Reloaded Station for all of the Naruto Vanity Items!
    - Alien Meat has been replaced with Raw Ribs, you can turn Raw Ribs into Cooked Ribs by taking them to Ichiraku!
    - Ichiraku Meal Tickets now drop, which can be redeemed at Ichiraku's for food! The food has healing effects among other!

    2.67 UPDATE
    - Added Zetsu's Mask! What do you think!? (I thought about adding the weird claw-like things around his head, but for now here is just his head!)
    - Still working on Naruto Species Mod! I hope to start updating it more soon, but I want to finish the Naruto Species Mod for now!

    2.66 UPDATE
    - Added Naruto's Casual Clothes

    2.65 UPDATE
    - Furious Koala Compatible.
    - Added Naruto Goggles!

    2.52 UPDATE
    - Added Gaara's Kunai and Gaara's Sand Attack, 3 Tiers for all
    - Temporararily deleted Throwing Kunai/Star, due to OP during first few tiers.
    - Gave Minato's Kunai 3 Tiers.
    This helps balance the game so you won't have OP weapons once the Final Character Wipe happens today or tomorrow.

    2.51 UPDATE
    - Added Garra's outfit. Hopefully I can get an attack for Gaara soon!
    - Added Lee's outfit!

    VERSIONS 2.0-2.5

    2.5 UPDATE
    Added Orochimaru. I hope to get Kabuto and/or Tsunade sometime soon. along with some more attacks for Orochimaru.

    2.49 UPDATE
    - Added 2 Day Battle Songs from Naruto
    - Added 1 Night Battle Song from Naruto
    - Each of them have about a 1 out of 4 chance of playing. Battle songs when started will play entirely through until they go to the next one, even in between battles when the battle music isn't being played. So if you don't hear one for a while, fear not!

    2.48 UPDATE
    - Changed Madara's Projectile image to an image given by jorj1388. Thanks!

    2.47 UPDATE
    - Added Pains Mask to the game!
    - Added Shinra Tensei to the game! Let me know what you think, changes can still be made! Drop a review for the mod if you'd like!

    2.45 UPDATE
    - Added Naruto Guard! He will attack monsters with Rasenshuriken!! Don't worry, his Rasenshuriken can't break objects, so if he hits your house or items they will not collapse!
    - Fixed Naruto NPC and all NPC character lines.
    - Apparently for any races other than humans, all the NPCS spoke like Naruto, this is now fixed!

    2.44 UPDATE
    - Naruto, Sakura, Jiraiya, Sai, and Kakashi Villagers added! I gave them each 10 or so different lines they say unique to their character! Each one only says 1 of the lines, if you leave and come back later they say something else sometimes! (this is how it's set in the game, if I can find a way to make them all say all of their lines, I will)
    - Just craft them at the ninja crafting table, set them, leave, and come back!
    - I am currently working on guard npcs, aka naruto shadow clones.
    - Feel free to leave a review!

    2.43 UPDATE
    - Added Kid Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke! (Sakura may look manly in the photo, but the female Sakura is much more slim, that is Sakura with my male character, haha, :x

    2.42 UPDATE
    - Added an "optional" Animated Ichiraku. He does the same things as the old Ichiraku, but the image is much larger, so if you can't fit it anywhere, then you can still use the old one!

    2.41 UPDATE
    - Added Sakura's Punch "weapon". Can be crafted at the ninja crafting table in Tier 1/5/10 forms. (Sakura's Punch will knock down any set items, just like the Rasenshuriken, so be careful using it in your ship!)
    - Detailed Jiraiya's clothes a little more.

    2.4 UPDATE
    - Minato Namikaze added!
    - Minato's Flying Thunder God Kunai Added!
    - Minato's Flying Thunder God Technique as a Tech added!
    ***Check your Tech list on your ship to find the Flying Thunder God Technique!****
    How do you like it!?

    2.36 UPDATE
    - Added Jiraiya!

    2.35 UPDATE
    - Added Sakura!

    2.34 UPDATE
    - Fixed issues with higher tier special attacks. They now use a MUCH smaller amount of energy
    - Rasenshuriken Tier 5 attack power fixed as well.

    2.33 UPDATE
    - Added Sasuke's sword, Kusanagi, as a weapon, has tier 1, 5 and 10.
    - Replaced the hunting drop of "alien meat" with "raw ribs", which you can take to Ichiraku and he will make you "cooked ribs", which are supposedly Hidan's favorite food!
    - Fixed an issue with not being able to craft higher tiered weapons, they are now craftable from the start. (I think before you had to remake the engine upgrade chip to see the new recipes, but now you can see them from the start.}
    -Added cooked ribs, onigiri, herring soba, tofu soup, fish rice ball, and cooked ribs to Ichiraku's menu. Theses are supposedly some of the characters favorite foods@

    2.3 UPDATE/2.32UPDATE
    - First, I added a "Ninja Crafting Station". You can craft weapons here, the Reloaded Station, and Ichiraku.
    - I made all the swords and special moves tiered.
    - All your crafted weapons will become generic items, but you can craft new weapons.
    - Each sword/weapon has 3 tiers, Tier 1, TIer 5, and Tier 10.
    - You can craft each one just like you would craft any normal tier weapon.
    - Ichiraku only makes food I will be adding now. I have added Ramen, I plan to add more and change the recipes a little.
    - I added Ichiraku Meal Tickets that drop from monsters, 10% chance or so. You can redeem these at Ichiraku's for free food! More food to come in the future.
    - Let me know what you think about the tiered weapons. If you want more tiers, I can add a few more. Once that is settled I might think about changing the weapon tier names to genin/chunin/jounin/hokage, etc.
    - Edited Sasuke.

    2.2 UPDATE
    - Added Madaras Gunbai (Fan) as a weapon, still working on the "wind" projectile that comes out of it. But it's a start!
    -fixed a pixel error in naruto's clothes.
    2.21 Update
    - Added Tobi's Mask
    - AddedHidan's Mask and Hidan's Scythe

    2.1 UPDATE
    - Tabula Rasa compatible. You can still use the reloaded station if you want.
    - Madara's fan added as back item.

    2.0 UPDATE
    - Icon's are now color coded so they are easier to tell what is what.
    Green icons are all clothes. (and the swords, default color for swords)
    Blue is for objects, currently just ichiraku and Reloaded Station.
    Red is for attacks, Rasenshuriken, Chidori, etc.
    - Zabuza's blade swoosh is now black, not red. (craft a new sword for the change.)
    - Zabuza's sword as a back item has been added.
    - Sai's hair now has detail
    2.01 UPDATE
    Added Madara.z

    Version 1.0-1.9

    1.9 UPDATE
    - Added Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan attack.
    1.91 UPDATE
    - Added Itachi and Sasuke Susano head and chest to Reloaded Station.
    - Added Susano's Sword to Reloaded Station.
    1.91 UPDATE
    - Zabuza and Zabuza's sword, Kubikiribocho, added.
    - Anbu Mask Added.
    - Kakashi's head fixed.
    - Susano Sword's ATT taken down from 2500 to 1500.
    1.92 UPDATE
    - Itachi's Susano and Susano Sword are now the correct colors.

    1.8 UPDATE
    - Chidori Added! Craftable in your players crafting window.
    - Rasenshuriken now can hit multiple enemies before disappearing.
    1.81 UPDATE
    - Improved Chidori's graphics.

    1.7 UPDATE
    - Finished Rasenshuriken! You can craft it in your players crafting window.
    1.71 UPDATE
    - I added sasuke's clothes icons, which were left out somehow
    - I edited the akatsuki outfit. When you run it now flows backwards in the wind.
    - Added Sai's Mask, Shirt and Pants.

    1.6 UPDATE
    - Kisame's Mask and sword Samehada are now craftable.
    - All costumes can now be made with 5 fabric instead of 20.
    - Re-added rasenshuriken for those who alredy downloaded it.
    -Added Deidara Mask!

    1.5 UPDATE
    Added Ichiraku Ramen Shop! Let Ichiraku cook all your food items!
    1.51 UPDATE
    ***the rasenshuriken takes 125 energy to use, so unless you have over 100 energy, which is the starting energy, you won't be able to use it. I spent all the time working on the sound effects and animations, which still aren't complete. But I'll fix that soon.

    To install just extract files to the "Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/mods" folder.

    Let me know what you think and what else you would want to see in this mod![/spoiler]

Recent Reviews

  1. projectmayhem
    Version: 2.70
    I'll ask the author if I can update it
  2. iTzKayce3
    Version: 2.70
    Please someone work on this mod to bring it back to starbound please, its outdated...
  3. Uncle Bobert
    Uncle Bobert
    Version: 2.68
    Amazing mod! As a long time Naruto nerd, I found this mod very enjoyable. The expansion to go with this makes it even better! I keep finding myself making new characters to try out the other costumes and abilities, since it doesn't feel right for Jiraiya to throw sand everywhere and etc. So well done, sir, and if more work is planned to be done on this, then I could easily seeing it entering the top 10!
  4. TurboEryx
    Version: 2.68
    TSUYOSA! >:D
  5. hehao7938
    Version: 2.68
    Thank you for your share´╝îbut I have a small problem,When I kill a monster with a bow the Loot is "rawrib" .it can not finish the quest 2.
  6. Gradelwolph
    Version: 2.68
    I can't seem to get mine to work, i extracted the file to the mods folder but the species does not come up. I am not giving a low rating though, I know you worked hard on this mod, If a solution or hypothesis can be sent to me it would be much appreciated.
    1. dcsk8erboy
      Author's Response
      it is not a species mod, it will work for any character, just craft a "Reloaded Station" and you'll have access to all the Naruto stuff. Oh, and craft a "Ninja Crafting Table" for the weapons.
  7. best player ever
    best player ever
    Version: 2.68
    super awesome
  8. SpacePenut
    Version: 2.68
    Amazing mod! The character designs are out standing! Keep up the good work!
  9. maaleend
    Version: 2.68
    keep up
  10. haziel831
    Version: 2.68
    DAMM this is fun xD. I want make a ninja village with this mod, i love the npcs. question, all guards are supost to be "Naruto" xD ? I put the guard spawners in various places in my village, and i see a bunch of Narutos Asking for rammen lol. weapons are owesome and balanced, but i want the powers invisible on hand. Congratz for the mod buddy!