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Nanotech v1.4.2

Nanotechnology to modify your world.

  1. Update for Pleased Giraffe

    Nanotech now works with the latest stable build, Pleased Giraffe.
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  2. Performance fix

    Thanks to the bug reports, performance has been optimized (fixed).
  3. Ores for days

    You can now use nanites to place or replace ores simply by holding the ore you desire in your hand when you activate nanites.
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  4. Liquify all the things

    Holding a liquid in hand (water, oil, coffee, etc) will now instruct the nanites to convert tiles to the liquid you're holding.
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  5. Fixed materials not working

    I've fixed the short list of materials that wouldn't work as replacement materials. The solution was to hardcode a mapping of the name of the block to the material it places, so currently the mod only has the stock materials. Any mod that adds materials and uses the same name for materialName and itemBlock will work fine. Those that have a mismatch will need to .patch into the list for the mod (should they so choose).
  6. Fixed mining not producing the goods

    Ores and such will now drop from deconstructed tiles.