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Outdated Naked Mod v6.66 (Upbeat Giraffe)

Long lost Holy Grail of Felin culture.

  1. teihoo
    This is my second mod. Please be gentle.

    About the mod:
    This mod makes new wearable back item - or a Cape :O ! It's a very small mod and by using the Naked Cape back item, it visually removes all clothing from the wearer.
    Since one pic says a thousand words, imagine this as a wall of text if you were expecting that.

    Although, I might say that pic looks quite epic, doesn't it?

    OK - read this and you'll be good to go: install, run, press C craft Naked Cape and then destroy it in the trash bin. Simple as that! OK I lied the last part... it's a Cape, you wear it.

    Possible questions and most likely not the answers you'd want:
    Q: Is this compatible with nightly / unstable / stable?
    A: It is not.

    Q: How do I install this mod?
    A: You don't. It's not meant for installing but rather playing! And ... wasn't it you that asked the first question?

    Q: Can you please remove the "rotating colored lights", please?
    A: I cannot (and you said please twice in one sentence!). The mod is using a complex cross-over Lua integration with other parts of the core game engine, and by doing that it would most likely break the entire game. Maybe in version 9.99 if they swap to JavaScript.

    Q: Are there any known bugs / problems with the mod?
    A: In those rare occasions that mod does actually work, I've had some reports that it has visually removed clothes from a player character - I'm still investigating this part and can't replicate at the moment.

    Someone important said I should make an animated GIF for the showcase. So I did.
    (but now I wonder why is there a static one? odd)

    Q: You're awesome! I love this mod!
    A: How is that a question?

    Q: Is this mod free?
    A: No it is not. It will cost you some clicks, bandwidth and some disk space.
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  1. Rawdy4
    Version: v6.66 (Upbeat Giraffe)
    can you make tenants react to this still its very good
  2. x567
    Version: v6.66 (Upbeat Giraffe)